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Professional Photographer of America shortly known as PPA is a great platform for worldwide photographers to improve their career, skill and experience. This association plays a great role to attain the goal of its members. Being situated in Atlanta, this association is helping photographers from all over the world. Currently, over 30000 members are working with PPA. Do you also want to join them but confused about the process? I am here to help you in this case. In this tutorial,I am going to show, how to join professional photographer of America.

From this article you can find,

• Step by step process of How to join Professional Photographers of America
• How much it will take?
• What are the benefits of Joining them?

So, this article is going to provide you A to Z information about Professional Photographers of America.
Without making any further delay, let’s get started.
To join professional photographers if America, you have to follow 4 simple steps. Visit to the official website click on the “Join Now”. Then provide your e-mail address, password, city, state and country. After this, you have to follow those four steps given below.

Step #01:Fill Personal Information For

At the first step, you have to fill your personal information to verify your identity. You will find a form where they will ask for your Name, Address, Phone Number, Website, Studio Name, Job Title, Date of Birth and Gender.

After this press the next option from the below.

Step #02: Choose Specialties

How to join professional Photographers of America 01

After providing your personal information, you have to choose your specialty. In this step you have to choose your special area. Choose the types of photography you want to deliver the clients. Choose specialties carefully, clients will find you for these types of photography. You may become specialist in Architectural Photography or you may master the art of Nature photography. Choose the category that you feel comfortable to work on.

Step #03: Choose Membership Type

How to join professional Photographers of America 02

Perhaps you are thinking about the price for joining PPA. In this step, you will get the answer. In this step, you have to choose your membership type. Basically, there are two types of membership option available. The first one is for yearly membership and 2nd option is for monthly. If you want to become a member for one year then you have to pay $323. To become member for a month you have to count $27.98. Select your comfortable option and click on the next.

Step #04: Billing

This is the ultimate step to join professional photographers of America.You can pay with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Provide Cardholder name, number, Expiry and CCV.

That’s it. After completing the bill, you will get the membership of professional photographers of America.

Benefits of Joining PPA

At the starting, I have said that I will tell you about the advantages of joining them. There are some exciting benefits. Enthusiast about it? Then you are just at the right place. Permit me to inform you some of the great advantages that you can get from professional photographers of America.


You will get insurance for the equipment of your photography. They have six types of insurance category.That’s an important benefit you can earn.

Pursuing Degree

By joining with PPA you can earn credential and pursue degree. PPA is a well-known association all over the world when it comes to the photography. A degree from here can help you to boost your career.


This is the most important category of joining professional photographer of America. You will get a huge resource of learning about photography. This is a great online learning center. You can also get certificate and boost your career.

Find a Photographer

They have a database of more than 30000 professional photographer.By joining with PPA you will become a member of that database. People search for professional photographer and you will gate chance to get more clients.
Overall, PPA is massively helpful platform for photographers. You can join professional photographers of America to enhance your photographic skill. Stay tuned with us to get more tips and tricks on photography.

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