- What Do I Need To Do To Become A Professional Photographer?
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Hello readers, do you have interest on photography? Are you willing to take it as a profession? I think you are in confusion from where you should start. I will answer all of your questions that you want to know. We will reveal all the mystery abouthow to become a professional photographer. Beside these, we will know some interesting facts about professional photographer. Don’t miss the bonus tips part in the below. There are some great tips available. Let’s start without any hesitation.

If you want to know secretes of becoming a great photographer, I want to make you little bit disappoint in this case. There is no secret to become a professional photographer! But don’t need to be worry buddy. Photography is all about some key things. I will inform you all of them. By including them in your real life, easily you can become a great photographer.

Choose the Right Niche


Are you thinking about how do I start photography? At first, you need to choose you niche. There are lots of varieties in the photography area. Some wants to become a wedding photographer, some wants to become a wildlife photographer, some wants to become product photographer, some prefers to become modeling photographer. Some people like to spend time with nature and sea, capturing photos of beautiful nature and blues sky. Even, some photographer love to wait a longer period of time to capture photos of thunder. Landscape photographer will be the perfect choice for them.

So, the primary and mandatory tip is to choose your specific niche. You can’t become expert in all the area. You need to choose a specific category to become a successful photographer. This is the most important factor for you. This will have a great impact on your photography career. So, choose the niche carefully. To make you bit comfortable I want to share you a thing. For choosing the niche doesn’t listen to anyone else without you.

Listen to your mind what it says. Feel the sound of your soul. Ask yourself, in which niche you feel comfortable? Is it wild life photography, is it transparent photography, is it nature photography or is it something else? Spend some of your time on this but make the decision wisely.

Buy necessity equipment

How to become professional photographer

After choosing the right niche bought the necessity equipment’s of photography. You can take help from someone professional to choose the right combination of camera and lenses. For your further knowledge I want to inform you that, photography equipment is just not about camera and lenses. One also needs to keep focus on camera care accessories, photography filter, tripod etc. Don’t underestimate these factors. Cause, these small things can have a big impact.

A few peoples suggest that first learn knowledge about photography then bought a camera. But that is not a nice way to approach at all. You need to buy camera anyway. Then why should you delay? If you buy the camera first, you can practice at the same time of learning.

Gather Fundamental Knowledge

become a professional photographer

You have chosen your niche. You have the right equipment. Now it’s time to collect knowledge about photography. For these things you can take help from google or YouTube. I want to make a statement here. Don’t limit your knowledge just in theory. That’s why I suggest you to buy the equipment before, so that you can use your theoretical knowledge in the practical field.
Gather the knowledge with practical experience. Then you can learn in the best way. In any sector, when theoretical knowledge mixes up with practical experience, success runs towards you rapidly. Always keep this fact in your mind.

Online Photography Course

becoming a professional photographer

After you get the touch of basic photography knowledge, it’s time to jump to the advance level. There are some people who have bachelor’s degree in photography. If you have time in your hands you can get photography courses from your nearest institute. There are so many institutes that provide various photography courses. To be honest in photography profession certificate doesn’t matter a lot.

Your aim should be to gather proficient knowledge not just the certificate. But if you are leading a busy schedule and thinking about how to become a photographer from home? Then it’s better to take online courses. You can take help from R-Photo Class, Udemy, and skill share photography composition etc. These have both free and paid courses.

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You can also take courses from Shaw academy. But remember my previous statement. Don’t forget to practice what you learn. Every single things and tips that you learn practice immediately. We all know about the saying, “Practice makes a man perfect”.

You need to execute this on your photographer carrier. Many newbies want t know, what skills needed to be a photographer?

I would like to answer them three main skills one needs to have to become a professional photographer. I call them PHP. It means Patience, hard work and practice. PHP can make you different from others photographer. You can find yourself in an exceptional position by applying this PHP technique.

Do an Internship

become a photographer

When you complete the previous tasks, you are not at beginner level anymore. But is it well enough? I think it’s not. One major task is still remaining and it is internship. When you gather comprehensive knowledge, it is essential to polish it. One needs to give a final touch to his work. No other thing can be useful at this point as like as internship.

You can get numerous help from internship. The first benefit that you gain is feedback. It is so tough to identify own mistake. It became tougher when it is about photography. But it becomes toughest for a new photographer. So, internship is an obvious fact to become a professional photographer.

Search for posts of Internship or assistant of professional Photographer. The knowledge and experience that you gain in this way, no college, universities, and institution can provide you neither any online courses. From a professional guide line one can know about what is his week points what is his strong zone. It is very essential for every photographer. That can help to revise the mistake.

Not only one can revise his mistake but also, he can gather knowledge about the market place. Working with a professional or with any organization one can get clear idea about the market place. Then he can get idea, how he can earn money as an entrepreneur photographer. One can experience what strategy works proper and what doesn’t.

Find Out Your Specialty

becoming a professional photographer

After completing your internship, you are almost ready to go. But are you wondering about why I use the word “Almost”? I am using this word because a few more stuff is still remaining. Now, you know yourself more cleanly and more rationally. The thing that you need is to find out your strong point. It is very crucial for anyone to know the point where he can perform well.

Select an individual focus area. Then work on this specific are to become a pro. Don’t need to copy others, don’t need to think about other. Just focus on your work and believe in yourself. It will be effective for you to generate unique style.

After this, try to point out in which area you feel interest. What kinds of photography can give you much pleasure? You need to be a more specific now. You need to decide that what kinds of photography you will do even without getting any payment.

Is it rumor photography, is it portrait photography, is black and white photography is your choice or anything else.

3P Technique

What do i need to do to become a professional photographer?

Now one needs to execute the golden rule of 3p technique. But what is 3p Technique? It’s none other than practice, practice and practice. I hope at this stage you have mastered all the arts of professional photography. Now you need to sharpen your skill. There is no other way without practicing.

Make sure that you learn something new in every single day. Doesn’t matter how small or tinny thing you acquire, just ensure that you are purchasing knowledge every day. Make a plan of 365 days. By the passage of time, you will be found yourself as one of the successful photographers. That sounds awesome but you need to climb a high mountain to achieve this. The crucial thing is you need to prepare yourself for hard work.

Be a Better Photographer in 45 mins

Create own Portfolio

It is one of the most important things to become a freelance photographer. Actually, this is equally important to all photographers. After you cover all the basic criteria, you ought to have an own portfolio. It is massively important because it displays your greatness. That’s why you need to have a kind consideration at this point.

Customer will not see your certificate, or they don’t have any interest from where you do your internship. But they will show a lot of interest to view your portfolio. Portfolio is a standard to judge your skill and expertise. Can you smell its importance?

Choose the best photos for your portfolio. Add such types of photo that showcase your expertise and skill. Your portfolio should be up to the mark. There should not be any scope or any point to complain. Do your research precisely and make a great portfolio. One can also inspect others portfolio who are great for working with photography. Also need to view professional photographer photo. You can get list of professional photographers from google. Some of the greatest Photographers names are Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908-2004), Ansel Adams (1902-1984), Bill Brandt (1904-1983), Richard Avedon (1923-2004), Dorothea Lange (1895-1965), and Steve McCurry (born 1950) etc.

You can view their photography by searching on google. Then anyone can gather an ultimate idea of creating a mesmerizing portfolio. But remind that, I am suggesting their name for gathering idea not for copying their idea. Always try to strict to your uniqueness. Then you will be able to run a long way.

Create Own website

That’s another important factor to become a successful photographer. Many neglects this useful factor. They don’t know what a great mistake they are doing. A few thinks that he will create website after becoming little popular. It isn’t the right thinking at all. It’s almost impossible to earn popularity without creating a website.

Look and research about the name provided above. They all have own specific website. So, after you complete the above task don’t delay to create a website for displaying your photo.

You can showcase your photo to the millions of people by uploading them in your website. One ought to keep some facts in their mind before creating a website. Don’t need to create any complex type site. If you create a website with complex design, visitor can become confuse. So, create a user-friendly website. Then one can generate lots of traffic to their website.

Set the Price

Now you have a proper knowledge on Photography, you have the equipment, you have completed internship and you know your field of interest. After you create your website you ought to set the price. But this is a tricky phase. One should set the price wisely.

Price is an important fact in business. So, be very careful to set the price. Don’t set a low price in order to get more clients. Cause this can have a negative impact on your standard. When you set too low price, clients may become confuse about your quality. On the other hand, if you set a high price, it’s possible that clients will skip it rapidly. Before set the price, have a proper research on others price tag. Then make a calculation of your investment and set a reasonable price.

Do Advertisement of your business

After you set the price you are ready to go. But do you know what the ultimate goal is? The goal is reach to lots of people and Gaining lots of projects. But for achieving project what is the primary need? Yes, you have guessed it right, it is nothing but marketing. Do you know that, Advertisement is expansion? This statement is universal for every sort of business.

But how can do the marketing? Attend various types of Photo seminar. Showcase your work, participate different photography contest. In these ways, you can advertise yourself in a natural way. I hope if you have done quality work and nice portfolio you can produce a lot of clients.

Expand your business

This is the final step. Many have asked how long does it take to become a photographer. This is not the universal fact. There is no specific time or any tight limitation. It totally depends on your hard work and your strategy. If anyone follows the above things correctly, he can expand his business rapidly. For this reason, always focus on your quality. Never do any kinds of compromise with your quality. Always gives quality more importance than quantity. Don’t need to deal with lots of project if that hamper your quality.

Make sure that your anyone hire your for once, he become your regular customer. Hold the old customers with your great piece of work and try to get new customer. I hope that, you will be able to expand your business very soon.

That was all about how to become a professional photographer. Now let’s move to FAQ section.

Frequently Asked Question

What qualifications I you need to become a photographer?

Many of us ask this question. Basically, it is not fundamental need to have any degree to become a professional photographer. But it is true, having any degree that relate to Photo will give you some advantage to get accept by different companies. But it doesn’t mean that people who don’t have any educational degree can’t become photographer. I hope that you have got your answer.

What is the list of careers in photography?

It is another question that people want to know most of the time. Career in photography is a wide term. There are lots of varieties. Some common careers in photography are Wedding Photography, portrait photography, Photo Journalism, Landscape Photography, Nature Photography, Wildlife Photography, Sports Photography, Travel Photography, Food Photography, Commercial Photography etc. So, one has lots of option in their hands.

What is the salary of a photographer?

It is so hard to give this answer specifically as it varies country to country. In USA, average wage of a Photographer is $14.48 per hour at present. In United Kingdom the wage rate is about to $20 per hour. The rate is little lower in the sub-continent. In India, photographer’s monthly salary is about to Rs. 30,000 deepening on the works.

That is all for today.

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