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Prices: It is a great issue in business relation and every customer looks for a good price for his required service. Clipping USA is committed to serve you at a good price. It always depends on image complexity or time an image requires to complete.We usually offers lower prices to our new customers but keeping up the better quality. Here some prices are given for different types of image but these all are negotiable.

We always prefer to receive sample images from customers for review that helps well in calculating the required time for image completion and also helps in providing a cost estimation accordingly. So please provide sample images from each categories that need to be edited.

In addition, there are customers who do not agree to provide sample images and ask for a cost estimation but we think that you should send sample images for having an actual costing by your service provider.

As a customer you do have the right to share your views about prices or any other issues. If you have any comments about our provided price or need a new price for your projects, please drop a message to info@clippingusa.com.

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