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Clipping path

Clipping path is a basic image editing service ­done by creating an outline or closed vector path around the object to be separated from its original background in order to replace it in any desired place. The process also known as ‘Closed vector path’ or ‘Deep etching’ as well, involves the isolation of the definite portion of an image within the outline from its undesired background. The background removal is important to help the audience to focus on your targeted product instead of noticing the place behind. Clipping path is also a mandatory preliminary process of many other photo editing techniques to give the desired shape of an object by editing a particular part. We firmly believe our visual presentation of your product will help you to reach and engage with the targeted audience.

Basic Categories of Clipping Path:

Based on the procedure and complication level, Clipping USA categorizes your target images into four basic categories. We are the safe, reliable and dedicated suppliers of your confidential images to satisfy you with an unbeatable quality and price.

Simple or Basic Clipping Path:

Simple Clipping Path is the basic fundamental method of removing background mostly required the path selection of a single solid object. The number of curves and anchor points applied in the path are very few like in mobile, ball, plate, egg, book, spoon, watch etc.

Medium Clipping Path:

In this category, there are multiple holes and curves greater than simple clipping path that needs to be drawn to the product images. Our graphic designers zoom in the image as necessary to create appropriate an appropriate number of anchor points and to imply the embedded transparent holes even in bracelets, motor parts, shoes etc.

Complex Clipping Path:

Complex clipping path is introduced as the combination of many apparent closed critical paths applied to the images of complex shapes and design. A lot more working detail is necessary if the image appears not to be much solid. The edges of the selected portions need to be smooth and accurate. In the case of super complex paths, more advanced and proper detailing is necessary requiring a large number of paths and anchor points.

Multiple Paths:

Multiple Clipping Path which is also familiar as ‘Color Path’ is a very useful process for Color Correction purposes. The technique is extensively used to isolate the definite parts from multiple objects both inclusive and exclusive in order to change the color of individual components as required. It involves the selection of individual areas within an image to give an extra color effect. The system can also be termed as ‘Compound Path’ that combines multiple paths or colors in a single object for color correction and background drop out.

Many of customers often call/introduce clipping path service as image Silo or silhouette. Here we feel importance to describe it too.


A silhouette path is applied for an image area for making image mask or taking action for any other purpose to. One can change or extract original image background by selecting the silo path even can make a change image color or any other adjustment on. Here only that portion within the silo/clipping path appears when it placed into another submission or combined with another image. To make the background transparent silo path is essential.

Background Remove:

It is a method of making change in background color of an image. When one wish to change the background color of image as per one’s desire to enhance or isolate the main object in the image. This allows it to be placed on a new desired background or color.

When clipping path is not recommended:

If the image has numerous turns and curves, transparency like in smoke, glass, car glass, sun glass, feathers, flames, fireworks, lighting, plastic packets, transparent fabrics and blurred and fuzzy edges like in hair, fur, skin, jewelry or foliage on trees, clipping path cannot give accurate result. In these cases, to get a sharp, clean and well-defined edge, an advanced Image Masking Service is recommended.

How we draw the path:

Our trained and skilled graphic designers have years of experience in using image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. We use the Photoshop Pen Tool to ensure the appropriate quality you need for clipping path. Automated software does not give us the precise pixel works. We find it more accurate to work with pen tools than any automated functions like the magic wand for quick selection and clipping path creation. To create a proper number of anchor points, our designers zoom in the image up to 300% in order to justify the correct shape of the image portion. After creating an outline around the object using the pen tool, everything outside the path will be omitted. You can use any of your chosen background colors you wish for. We can deliver you the images with an isolated transparent background layer in any of your chosen file format like PSD, or TIFF if you need so.

No matter how many times you need to modify your image, our dedicated professionals are always there to respond your demand even after the delivery.

Applications of Clipping Path Service:

Clipping path is widely used in the following categories:

  • Isolating and drawing out the background image.
  • Ensure transparency of the background.
  • Editing a specific region and changing the shape of an object.
  • Hiding or masking out the background for catalog design.
  • Multiple clipping paths of an image for color correction purpose.
  • To create text and wrap the images for some special effects.
  • A prerequisite process for many other image editing services like retouching, shadow creation

Who actually need the clipping path service?

The usage and possibilities of clipping path to-day cannot be described in a few sentences. Clipping USA is proudly providing clipping path services to many individuals and companies around the world especially who are involved in the model and fashion photography, advertising, magazine or catalog designing, e-commerce business, web developing and printing industries. These industries always need quick delivery of their product images by removing, replacing or correcting the existing image as per requirement. As the companies don’t have much time to edit their own images, they choose Image Manipulation service providers like us to get the best quality in a very limited time and cost.

Special benefits from Clipping USA:

Clipping USA believes an eye-catching visual design can increase the impression of your business. Taking that on the mind, our team of experts never compromise about the quality of service you need and maintain triple checking quality control system before delivery. We maintain the confidentiality of your images as a safe and loyal service partner. You are always welcome to justify our quality by receiving 100% Free Trial Service before you hire us. Our customer support team is 24/7 online to respond your email or message immediately. We respond to any quote within an hour and are capable of delivering hundreds of clipping path files for a fraction of the price. So, we suggest you quote us to get any information and suggestion that can really help you to get quality feedback as per requirement.

Why it needs?

It is a post processing work after makes a shooting.  Every professional photographer feels to re-edit his photography image because of some common quality problems. So everyone re-edit the images for an expected look.

In this view one can easily make a difference for pictures by Photoshop photo editing work: The most common quality issues are fixed as named:  Background removal, Noise correction, Brightness- contrast, White Balance, Exposure, Color adjustment, cropping and Resizing.

Who offer this service?

Clipping path service is a basic offer by online Image editing companies. To remove or extract the unexpected image objects clipping path is needed. It’s a primary step of Photoshop image editing that is used then any of Image manipulation work.  Clipping path services are mostly for photography, advertising agency, prepress company, online image shop, e-commerce shop, graphic design studio, web designer, as well as different type of printing companies. A low cost clipping path service is available in any developing countries.

The working process:

There are lots of options in Photoshop to remove background or create transparent background of an image as magic wand, extract filter quick mask and so on. All of these options are not able to provide the exact outlook which is widely accepted. In the term of background change Clipping Path is the best method, it can give an exact shape. It is also very easy and quick system for the experts. Clipping USA has many expert graphic designer who are committed to provide their best effort for you. We are available 24/7 around the year for providing the best services.

To get our Service you can contact us any time. You can also send us free trial for justifying our work quality and skill.

Clipping path service