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Photoshop Masking

Photoshop Masking denotes to be one of the basic image processing operations. It is an important substitute of Clipping Path Service for removing or replacing the background of a complex image containing numerous turns and curves with soft, unclear/blurred part, hair portions or fuzzy edges. It is used to eliminate or extract object from the picture.

The technique is very suitable when Clipping Path alone cannot give accurate details of soft, complicated areas like in hair, fur, glasses, plastic bottles, smoke, lighting and transparent objects. Usually, clipping path is done in hard and defined edges using Photoshop pen tool whereas masking is the complete solution of Background Removal for soft and fuzzy looking edges in order to get smoother, sharper and more pronounced edges that ensure high quality and wonderful level of details as required.

Photoshop Masking Service
Photoshop Masking Service

Advanced Photoshop Masking Services:

In digital image manipulation sector like in photo masking, Clipping USA has dedicated professional team that has shown it’s Excellency in using the latest technology maintaining standard quality. Masking types for different images are not the same. Based on the working procedure and complexity level, we subdivide the image masking service into 5 significant types for better understanding.

Layer Masking:

Layer masking is applied to the soft and thin edges creating layers to get extra sharp, clean and well-defined edges. Tools like Photoshop Brush Tool or Background Eraser Tool does a good job to remove the background. But still it requires multiple other techniques to erase even the last unwanted bit and that is achievable only by our skilled and experienced professionals. Using the tools it requires coloring over the required area to finish the selection procedure fruitfully. According to the requirement of the client, we do Alpha Layer Masking creating an extra layer so that any future modification is possible. As the change in layer mask is not permanent, clients are able to show or hide a selected part, change the background or bring back its initial look if needed in future.

Alpha Channel or Raster Masking:

Alpha Channel Masking is one of the long processing masking services in Clipping USA. After separating the image from its background we save the image as ‘alpha image’. Later, we take the image in different channels to edit the brightness, contrast, exposure. The selection of alpha channel includes the color combination of Red Green Blue (RGB) and Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (CMYK) colors for an easy masking operation especially when the color doesn’t seem to be clear. An advantage of the alpha channel is, it minimizes the file size which is very convenient for further uploading and downloading of the images.

Hair and Fur masking:


Hair and fur portion of an image include the thinner, softer and fuzzier sophisticated edges. By Hair and Fur Masking, we are able to draw a fine lining to give an authentic shape even adjusting color, contrast, brightness perfectly. Our designers do the pixel isolation work properly and apply various effects to give your image a natural look.



Transparent or Translucent Masking:

In Transparent or Translucent masking, it is important to sustain the transparency of an object so that any background image and color is visible through the object. The objects like glasses, car glasses, spectacles, water, spectacles have 0% to 5% opacity where the images of sunglasses, smoke, plastic packets and bottles, feather, flame, fireworks, lighting and transparent fabrics can have 5% to 99% opacity. Our experienced DTP experts can easily identify the percentage of transparency or visibility of color through required object.

Collage Masking:

Photoshop collage masking is done by combining different objects in a single image. It includes the extraction of one or two objects from other images in order to place them in a new natural collage image using this technique.

Besides these, color masking is a very popular one where our expert designers apply various effects like color, contrast, exposure, retouching.

When is Masking not recommended?

If your image has sharp, clean and well-defined edges, then use Photoshop Clipping Path instead of masking service. Again, if you face any difficulty in differentiating between the background color and object color, then Contact Us for any alternative suggestions. Our customer support team is 24 hours online for your service.

How we apply Photoshop masking for Background Removal?

Depending on the complication level of masking out the object from its background, we need to deal with every image with a different technique to achieve the optimum output. We use ‘quick selection tool’ or ‘magic wand tool’ to paint a selection as required using an adjustable round brush tip. The background eraser tool or edge brush tool does a good job but sometimes not enough to maintain a perfect pixel size. Our well trained Image Editing Artists apply multiple other techniques including layer, channel, transparent or color masking as necessary to manually erase even the last unwanted bit of background.

photoshop masking service
Photoshop masking service

If any image has a combination of the both sharp and fuzzy edges, we draw the clipping path for sharp and well-defined edges and apply our advanced masking techniques to the fuzzy and thinner areas. For example, in a full body human model, the hair portion is best suited for masking operation while vector path is done in other clear areas. We carefully supervise the combination of manual and automation techniques to ensure high quality and a fantastic level of details.

To mask an image is not a trouble-free task but rather effective and professional image masking is both time consuming and tiring. Our team of creative artists always keeps their full concentration and skills into each Photoshop masking jobs they work on. The difficulty and complexity in image masking by photoshop work depends on the background of a picture as its fine detailing is required. For example, hair masking is one of the common challenges in image masking that can actually be taken on by only the very best in the image editing business. We use the latest Photoshop tools and techniques to do the extensive tasks and do with perfection.

Regardless of the level of outline complexity for an image, our skilled Photoshop artists can get through any problems to deliver a supreme result. We are concerned into adapting our approach to the discussing task in hand, rather than continuing to apply the generic techniques to a photograph regardless of what it is. Each of our skilled artists has a very particular area of expertise and continues to improvise on their skills to ensure they are as a master of their design crafts. So, you can take rest that your requirements for masking service can be taken by our skilled professionals with a certain level of experience.

The Mask layers hold a distinct enhancement over other forms of masking as they assist to effect an alternation, which results in the least amount of image distortion. This remarkable procedure for image masking service can be applied for any object of your picture and will have a great result for your portal. At Clipping USA, we review each images before taking the decision of which masking technique should be adopted for a better output.

Why is Clipping USA unique in Photoshop Masking?

By applying a clipping mask around the objects which have hazy or fuzzy edges can often create a result which is less than perfection or expectation. At Clipping USA we aspire to make a certain result of the most demanding standards for every picture are received from our clients. As such, we provide this service for images that are not appropriate for a usual clipping path – delivering state of the art results to customers who truly expect nothing else.

The professional graphic artists of CLIPPING USA are skilled in using the Photoshop masking technique and removing background from images such as fur, hair, mesh or the flora on trees that brings a good result especially for edges that look perfectly professional. Even, if your edited image is unmatched or set against the detailed background of dark part or gradient colors; our designers can separate it from the foreground image without hampering or losing its actual quality and a far-fetched level of detail, and of course, in a very lowest cost.

We understand and follow 100% customer’s instructions, so we pursue to ensure the final result as the best as possible for your photo. We have been providing handmade Photoshop image masking service for years and understand the complexities involved in the matter that exists. Additionally, we realize the customer’s feelings and their actual demands so we apply the proper Photoshop masking technique that can bring a maximum result as per requirements. Although Photo masking is one of the lengthiest jobs, our professionals are extremely qualified and able to work faster as maintaining the feature.

Clipping USA is proud to be a safe and reliable image masking service provider all over the world including the fields from photography, website design, fashion house, magazine, e-commerce business and advertisement. Clipping USA assures that all your Photoshop masking jobs are raised to impart you quality service at very reasonable price. Your photo masking demands are handled by the experts to get you supreme quality. We contribute you the outstanding services. Clients from any field are welcome to receive our Free Trial service before hiring us for a big project. Our customer support team is 24 hours online to keep in touch with you. We believe our feasible Service Cost with supreme quality maintenance will pave the way to keep a long term relation with us.

Photo Masking Service

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