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Photoshop masking

Photoshop Masking Service is the process to remove or replace the background of the complex images having numerous turns and curves with blurred or fuzzy edges. This technique is applied where only clipping path cannot give the accurate result or will take more time like in hair, fur, skin, jewelry or foliage on trees. Clipping path is the hand drawn vector path with the use of pen tool where image masking involves pixel isolation to grab maximum accurate details of work as expected. To remove any unnecessary but complicated part from the image of a variety of background, this tool is being much popular.

Clipping USA has creative and devoted professionals for different Photoshop Image Masking Services like layer masking, alpha channel masking, hair and skin masking, transparent or translucent masking, collage masking etc.

Photoshop Masking can be much easier for the professionals as they only need to color over a selected area. Layer masking can be done to any object to get extra sharp, clean and well-defined edges. The main advantage of layer mask is it can be changed anytime in future or brought back to its original look if needed. For hair and fur masking, we take extra care for sophisticated thinner, soft and fuzzy edges adjusting the color, contrast and brightness perfectly. First of all, we draw clipping path in the solid and sharp edges, and then we apply advanced masking techniques in the blurred and fuzzy areas.

Alpha Channel Masking is useful to make the blurred edges sharp and smooth after isolating the background. The selection of alpha channel involves the use of a color combination of Red Green Blue (RGB) and Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (CMYK) colors for masking and makes further editing works easier. One advantage of alpha channel against layer masking is, the alpha channel masking makes the file size smaller which is convenient in uploading, downloading and further image manipulation works.

For transparent or translucent masking, it is important to retain the transparency of the object so that the new background is visible through your transparent object. The translucent and semi-transparent images of smoke, glass, car glass, sun glass, hair, feathers, flames, fireworks, lighting, plastic packets, transparent fabrics are very common service requirements today. Again, in Photoshop collage masking, we combine different objects to create a new, natural image.

Clipping USA prefers the advanced image editing software like Photoshop CS6, CC for high-quality layer masking. Pen tool and Magic wand tool in Photoshop is used to develop a combined effect of clipping path and image masking service. We ensure fantastic pixel perfect selection and level of detail to remove sophisticated backgrounds by our creative and skilled professionals.

Clipping USA is proud to serve hundreds of clients overseas with passion and honesty. Like other sectors, we have expert professionals in masking sector and every skilled designer’s work is further scrutinized before final delivery to check even the slightest error. You can judge our quality by giving us free trial 24/7 hours. We believe our reasonable price and quality will make a path to a reliable relationship.

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