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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Clipping USA

Where is Photo Clipping USA Located?

Clipping USA is an Image Editing Service Provider and it is located in the United States and production facility is in Bangladesh as a low cost region.

How authentic is Clipping USA or who do you work with?

Clipping USA is one of the finest photo editing service providers in the world. It offers all kinds of photo post-production services, including clipping path, shadow creation, color correction, neck joint, photo retouching, photo restoration, etc. and all you need to make your image perfect/eye-catching for the digital platform.

Clipping USA
Clipping USA

What about the image editing software that you use to editing?

Clipping USA uses the most up-to-date Adobe image editing software to edit images for image editing services.

Does Clipping USA provide Amazon or eBay quality images?

Yes, definitely we can do it. We’re expert to edit photos according to Amazon and eBay requirements. And we have worked and also working currently for many clients for their Amazon and eBay images.

How can I transfer a large volume of data?

Usually, we suggest a personal FTP account for large quantity data transfer. But, you can use WeTransfer, Dropbox, and our web upload (Hightail) as third-party data transfer method or whichever you prefer most.

Money back guarantee?

Clipping USA always provides 100% satisfying services. Where all other companies are saying that they are giving 100% money back guarantee in that case Clipping USA doesn’t require upfront or advance payment. The customers shall only pay for those jobs which are approved by them.

What is the payment method that you accept or support?

Although PayPal is an easiest and also our favorite, in spite of that the customers have a chance to send payment via ACH, credit card/master card via PayPal and checks.

What is the period of your payment?

Clipping USA prefers Monthly Payment.

Security & Support Questions

How can you provide cheap or the best competitive rate in the world ?

As our production facility is located in a low labor cost area, we can finish your project by our committed photo editing specialists at low cost. So, you’ll get the professional photo editing and retouching services at the best competitive rate in the world.

What about your FTP account, is it secure ?

Sure, because we usually use a single password protected account for one customer. As a result, the images of our clients are safe and secured.
You can learn more from our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions in using our services.



What do you do to keep my images safe?

Clipping USA prefers to keep all clients’ images in the safest way. We know that images are valuable to our customers so we do keep images and any other customer’s data confidential.. Clipping USA may use images for our website aiming to our portfolio. But, it’s done by the prior permission of the relevant clients.

What is your time to work?

Our support team is always online 24X7 bases for the year round.

What is your production policy on Weekend or Holidays, if you have ?

All of our employees getting one day weekly holiday gradually. So Clipping USA never takes rest as we are operating THREE SHIFTS a day.

What is your dedicated team policy, if you have?

It is highly recommended for bulk projects. We always arrange a team of dedicated graphics artists if your project demands a special team.

Service Related Questions

What are the types of image editing services that you offer?

Clipping USA offers the professional image editing services for any kind of images except pornography/adult or nude content, legal documents or any other images that is prohibited to manipulate.

  • Clipping-path services for e-commerce websites.
  • Digital photo manipulation services
  • Remove photo from background
  • Photo post-production service
  • Headshots enhancement
  • Newborn photos editing
  • Product photo retouching
  • Wedding photo editing
  • Jewelry retouching
  • Editing real estate photos
  • Photo Enhancement service
  • Portrait enhancement
  • Old photo restoration and many more.

Which is the major image editing software that you use?

As we said we use the most up-to-date image editing software. These include Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6 plug-ins along with Adobe Illustrator.

What do you do for products and commercial photos?

We’re a team of widely experienced graphics designers’ who are professional to perform image modification services and photo restoration services for the photos of commercial purposes.

Does the original photo get altered in any way?

No, not at all, we don’t alter or damage your original photo anyway. Simply we take a digital copy of your image and work with that one so your original one remains untouched. When we complete our services for your image, we send you the original one with edited one.

Do you accept any suggestion after completing the image enhancement?

Yes, we’ll send you the completed images when we complete the work. You can suggest changes to our image editing team after having a look at the images. We’ll make your requested changes and send it again to you.

Do you have a faster delivery service?

Yes, Clipping USA offers fastest delivery service (if required).

How much do you charge for rush service?

Clipping USA never charge extra money for rush service.

Do you have any discount offers?

Clipping USA provides discount offers for time to time and we offer discount for bulk or regular basis work.

Do you claim for copyrights to done images?

No, not at all we only offer photo editing service for our customers.

How is it possible to ask for if I need just a quote?

You can email us your images along with instructions to info@clippingusa.com or chat with us for instant quotation. We’ll take the highest possible care of yours.

What is your regular delivery system?

Our usual turnaround is 24 hours but depends on image quantity and complexity.

What is your format of the image?

Clipping USA offers the formats including JPEG, PSD, TIFF or any other kind of raw camera formats.

Why you prefer getting instructions?

We require instructions for making sure that we are in the right path and also to provide you the service as per your expectation.

Do you have any free trial offer?

Yes, Clipping USA offers free trial offer. You can send your image using our FREE TRIAL form or website upload (in that case you must mention free trial in the message box) or sending them to info@clippingusa.com.

What are the ways if I have any other questions?

Although we tried to add most Frequently Asked Questions here, you also can ask us if you have any other questions to know. You can reach us with your additional questions in the following ways:

  • Leave a message on the online text chat.
  • Simply email us to: info@clippingusa.com.
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