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Reflection Shadow Service

Shadow creating service is a system of graphic design which creates an object over the rest of an image by laying a direct shade behind the object. This is used to add a shadow effect into a picture. Shadow creating service can make fantastic images, highlight emotions, modify the impressions and be applied in numerous ways. It is as well used to text along with makes visible images of the document. Sometimes drop shadow requires dropping on only the component of the layer. Perhaps the shade may drop on the content or just below of the level. Some clients may need to form an illusion of deepness to their images to make the focus of object showing at the viewers. This is a complex service, on behalf of this kind of services or for any sort of shadow creating services you should appoint a professional. Especially, Reflection Shadow adds an extra dimension in an image.

How to Create Reflection Shadow in Photoshop?

Now we are going to learn about the procedure of reflection shadow creation. But first of all we need to know about what it is. Here we have described it briefly. 

The “Glossy Table effect” has been around for awhile now and many credit Apple for its popularity. It remains a good way of suggesting efficacy and giving a boring isolated product shot some visual interest. If there’s a plugin for this effect (That Works!), please reply and I will pay any amount of money. Unfortunately, the parameters are I think a bit complex for this to be automated. The only automated methods I’ve seen only work on objects that have a flat bottom on a straight horizon (Like a box or rectangular photo).

There’s lots of ways of doing this right and a lot of ways of doing it wrong (see this example by of a product image). The Following is a step-by-step process of my tried & true technique.

Reflection Shadow service
Reflection Shadow service

Perfect Mirror reflection photoshop for product image

STEP 1: We should start with a Hi-Res, Image that is either clipped or masked.

It’s better to be safe … than have to redo it later as photoshop mirror layer. If  your only intention is to use this for the web, than 800 px @72 dpi should be adequate. Adjust your canvas size to accomodate the reflection and fill your background with white. Having a background isn’t totally necessary, but it will help later on determining the proper opacity (Tip: I generally use a shape layer for my background so if I ever resize my canvas, I won’t need to “refill” it).

We should start with a Hi-Res, Image that is either clipped or masked
We should start with a Hi-Res, Image that is either clipped or masked

STEP 2: Reflect the image Vertically

Duplicate the Product Photo layer and “reflect” it along the X/Horizontal Axis through the Edit/Transform/Flip Vertical menu item. Move the layer down so that it is tangent to the botton of the product image. Reorder the layer if necessary. Rasterize this reflection layer with the Right-Click/Rasterizing Layer command. In this example, because the image has a clipping-path, I’ll need to delete the layer mask that is created. You can do this by dragging it to the trash icon in the Layers palette. Photoshop will prompt you: “Apply mask to layer before removing?”. Click “Apply“.

Reflect the image Vertically
Reflect the image Vertically

STEP 3: Warp the Reflection Layer

Because the product has a concave bottom, I’ll need to warp the reflection layer to make it look realistic. Select: Edit/Transform/Warp and Photoshop will create a vector grid with handles that you will use to simulate the appropriate amount of distortion. Pull the outer handles up in this case (or whatever is appropriate for your image). Commit these changes by hitting Enter.

Warp the Reflection Layer
Warp the Reflection Layer

STEP 4: Diffuse the Reflection

Reflections are never as sharp as the original (unless placed on a mirror) so blurring the reflection will give it a more accurate “diffused” look. Here’s where I would consider converting the refection layer into a smart object as using any blur effect is “destructive” and thus cannot be altered after your document has been closed. Do this by right-clicking/Convert to Smart Object. Create the diffused appearance by using the Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur effect. The amount of blur you apply will of course depend on the resolution of your image. Add a layer mask to the reflection layer.

Diffuse the Reflection
Diffuse the Reflection

STEP5: Taper the Reflection

“Reset” your foreground/background palette pair to black & white with the “D” key. Make sure your layer mask is selected and then select the Gradient tool (G). Draw a gradient top-to-bottom starting just above the virtual horizon and release it wherever you’d like the taper to end. You can keep repeating this step until it “looks right”.

Taper the Reflection
Taper the Reflection

STEP 6: Add a Shadow

The final step to making this look like a realistic photoshop reflection is adding a drop shadow to the product image to make it appear as if it is resting on something. There are several ways of doing this depending on the source image. Adding a drop shadow effect to the product image is one method but the shadow may creep a bit outside the image. In this example, I created a black ellipse shape layer, converted it to a smart object and applied a Gaussian blur effect to it. I then applied a multiply to this layer and adjusted the opacity until I was visually satisfied.

Add a Shadow
Add a Shadow

To know the procedures in details, have a look at

What is reflection shadow and why do we use it?

A light and reflection shadow gives the photo a look as if your photo was photographed on a reflection outward, like a glass mirror. Using Photoshop reflection shadows in product images can create a context for the buyer and a subliminal influence of quality. It is an easy and useful image editing service recipe that can advantage your e-Commerce store, catalog, brochure, magazine, and printing industry.

The image editing activities are growing day by day all over the world. If you are an entrepreneur and want to flourish your business through an e-commerce site. Then you must display your product photo differently and beautifully?. Because a creatively designed image, a has huge opportunity ranking better in Google.com as well as it attracts the attention of the buyer. Using stylish reflection shadow on e-commerce products, magazine and printing industry can perforate you from your competitor.



You’ve probably seen text, product shots, and other kinds of images with reflections since it’s become a fairly popular effect. It’s really easy to do in Photoshop, or pretty much any image editor (even a web-based one). Here’s how to do it.

Take the image you want to reflect and copy the bottom half of it, then paste that into a new layer.

 Line up the pasted layer with the layer of the object you want to reflect, then flip the paste layer vertically. In Photoshop, you can do this by pressing Command+T (Control+T on Windows), right-clicking on the pasted image, and choosing Flip Vertical.

With your pasted image flipped, line up the top part of it with the bottom part of the image you want to reflect. At this point it should already look like its reflecting, but not very realistically.

Grab the eraser tool and make sure the brush has a hardness of 0. Set the brush size to about the height of the reflection layer. Place the eraser about half-way down the reflection and all the way to the left. Hold down shift to ensure your line will be straight, then click and drag the erase all the way to the other end of the canvas. This will make the reflection fade out into the background.

photoshop reflection Service
photoshop reflection Service

Finally, reduce the reflection layer’s opacity so it’s not quite as intense as the real object.

Using reflection shadows in your product images can create context for your customer and a subliminal impression of quality. It is a simple and effective image editing technique that can benefit your eCommerce store.

A reflection shadow makes it look as if your product was photographed on a reflective surface, like a glass mirror. It’s a subtle effect that doesn’t distract from the product itself, and it can make a customer feel like the item is on display in a clean and well lit environment. It is particularly effective for items like jewelry that are commonly sold in stores with brightly lit glass counters.

A.Start with a layer for your product and then add a layer with a white fill background behind that image. Select the white area around your product image to mask out the product from the background. Now refine your edges so there is a smooth transition.

B.Duplicate your product layer and transform your layer vertically so it is a mirrored image of your original. Position it directly below your product so it matches up to the bottom.

C.Add a faded gradient mask to your reflection layer so it looks as though it is fading off into the ground. Now add a little blur to your reflection layer so it isn’t as sharp as your product layer.

D.Finally, to make your product look even more realistic, add a tiny shadow below the bottom of your product by adding a feathered selection curve and making it darker. This will make your product feel grounded.

When done correctly, a reflection shadow will put your product on display and increase its value in the eyes of your customer.

How can you create a reflection shadow? Watch the video tutorial and follow the instructions below to learn how to create a reflection shadow using Photoshop.

mirror image in photoshop
mirror image in photoshop

Benefits of Photo Reflection Shadow Service

There is no alternative to reflection shadow service to make any images impressive and mind touching. By taking this service one can easily bring beauty and gorgeous in his images. If you have some product images that you will use in your eCommerce website then reflection shadow is the best solution to attract any customer for increasing or boost-up product sell. If your images made with crystal or glass then mirror effect will make your images outstanding and aristocrat. By adding reflection shadow or mirror effect you can easily increase your image value without any problem. Reflection shadow can make any image as like 3D shape and outlook. Reflection or mirror effect service is very helpful and valuable for all types of product photos, e-commerce images, advertising images, commercial photos that will achieve proper quality after applying this shadow technique.

Why use Shadow Creating Service?

Mainly there are two kinds of shadow creating services drop shadow and reflection shadow. Both of them are important and widely used in photo editing service. Usually Photoshop shadow creating services are used for:

  • Creates shadow behind different forms of a photo
  • Extend or cut a shadow
  • Modify shadow of an image.
  • Create shadow behind Text
  • Include white border to a photo
  • Darken the masked portion of a photo
  • Make irregular shadow

Who Uses Shadow Creating Service?

  • E-commerce companies.
  • Publishing Companies
  • Modeling Companies
  • Jewelry business companies
  • Advertising Companies
  • Health care companies

If you are looking for a shadow creating service provider for your photos then we think that you are in right place. Our team is ready to serve for you with reasonable price. We accept up to two free trial form our new clients to show our skill and ability. Therefore, you may send us free trial or order any time for reflection shadow service. For more information contact us at Clipping USA.

Reflection Shadow Service

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