- How Do Professional Photographers Sell Their Pictures
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Who doesn’t want to sell photos at a good price? Do you know how professional photographer sell their pictures? If not then this the place where you can get all the necessary information about selling photos. So, this post is going to be too much beneficial for every photographer.

From the starting photography is a demand able field. The demand is increasing more and more. By the blessing of the internet now it is not too hard to sell the photos online if you know the proper way. That’s why I am here to get you introduced with the professional way of selling your pictures.

how do professional photographers sell their pictures
how do professional photographers sell their pictures

Selling on Your Own website

This is the best way to sell photos online. Create your own websites and display your photos as like as you want.One can get numerous advantages if they sale photo on their own websites. That’s why most of the professional used to sell their photos on their own website. But if you approach in this way you have to put some effort for this. Creating a website is not enough. You also have to publish your websites properly. It will be a time-consuming process.

Are you looking for shortcut ways? Hopefully, shortcut ways are also available. There are some websites where photographers can sell their picture sand can earn money easily.I have chosen 3 best websites where professional photographers sell their pictures.


Allow me to introduce one by one.

Adobe Stock

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This is a great platform for photographer to sell their photos. Starting from the 20% you can earn up to 60% commission for your image.Moreover, you don’t have to give the exclusive rights to Adobe. It gives more benefits from other image selling sites. By uploading photo to Adobe Stock, you will be able to reach with millions of adobe user. This is a great place to sell online photos over the last 10 years. For the photographers who are looking for convenient website to sell their photos Adobe stock is a great platform for those.


This is another great platform for buying and selling stock photos. Thinking about their audience? Shutterstock have millions of buyers. More than 200 million images are available in their websites.

This website can help you to earn moneys on a long run. But their commission rate is lower than the Adobe stock.As their contributor, you can earn between 20% to 30%. It makes the payment monthly. Shutterstock allows you to keep the copyright of your photo. it also gives you the credit. So, along with making money it can help you to present yourself as a brand.

Do you want to know about another platform where professional photographers sell their picture? Let’s make a dive into it.


Are you looking for an image selling platform without having any kinds of tight rules? Then Alamy is one of the best options for you. Though their audience number is not huge like Adobe and Shutterstock but still it is a decent platform. Especially for the beginner’s photographers it provides great opportunity. You can upload your picture here without any kinds of issues related to copyright. Want to know about payouts? It has completed more than $180 million till now. Their commission rate is also good. It gives 50% to the photographer from each sale. That is really great.

That’s it today. As a photographer you can also sell your pictures in these platforms and start earning money. Thanks everyone.

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