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Free Trial/Free Test is a basic demand of customer to judge the eligibility of service provider on a particular service. With the same thinking we have kept an opportunity of getting test images as free of cost. Here you have a great chance to take a service evaluation within a short time. Clipping USA usually provides the test image for customer’s review within 2 hours but may require extra time on the basis of image complexity. The offering price for test images will also be provided with the completed images. It’s a very true matter that you need not to be worried about the price because we always provide reasonable price for new customer. The good quality, reasonable price, good communication and timely delivery all the things are found here. You can also expect overnight delivery, volume discount and Re-editing service at no extra cost.

Our offered services are Clipping Path/Background Removing, Photoshop Masking (Hair masking, Fur Masking, Object masking), Neck Join/Ghost Manipulation, Photo Retouching, Image Resizing/Cropping, Color Changing, Sky Replacement, Vector Conversion, Face Swap, jewelry photo editing, model photo editing, deep etching service, amazon photo editing, ecommerce image editing, product photo editing, amazon product photo editing, high end retouching, wedding retouching, Real estate photo editing, and any other image editing services.

Please write us your requirements in detail and see the result that you exactly want.

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If the file size is more than 20 MB, kindly use our web upload system to send your test images. We will reply you within a few minutes.

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