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Clipping USA is a professional graphic designing service provider. It is operated by the highly experienced professionals. We are providing our services with high standard and best quality all over the world. Clipping USA becomes a world class graphics design service seller for its extraordinary working skills and practical experiences.

Key Features:

Low Cost Service with Excellent Quality, Quick Turnaround time, Highly Experienced Graphic Designers, 24 Hours Shifting Duty Plan Round the Year, Frequent Quality Checking System, 100% Money Back Guarantee, High Speed Internet, Easy and flexible system for upload and download files, Safe FTP System, Reserved Team in order to Urgent Delivery.

Our Vision:

Clipping USA dreamt a vision to show our ability and skill to global market as a competitor of other renowned graphic design companies. We want to introduce ourselves to international community of graphic design and Photoshop service buyer.

Our Team:

Clipping USA has a team of 135 professional graphics artists. They are ready to fulfill your requirements by providing the best quality for expected following image/photo editing services:  creative logo design, clipping path (outline path, color path, silo, clipping mask, multi path/multiple clipping), Photoshop masking (Image masking, hair masking, alpha channel masking), photo retouching (wedding photo editing, model retouch, product retouch, jewelry retouch), image enhancement, drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow, neck joint/ghost manipulation, image manipulation, photo restoration, color correction and raster to vector conversion services. All of the team members are graduated from reputed graphic institutions. They have vast knowledge on graphic design and Photoshop. They are devoted and dedicated to the welfare of this organization. There is a team leader in every team who are leading their group well. We get them all technical facilities and freedom for a fair work environment. Our production facility is for 24/7. Clipping USA keeps it’s service operation on any vacation days. So you can have our service during Christmas vacation.

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Neck Joint
Clipping-path (21)
Clipping-path (20)
Clipping-path (17)
Clipping-path (15)
Clipping-path (11)
Clipping-path (10)
Clipping-path (7)
Clipping-path (5)
Masking (13)
Masking (12)
Masking (9)
Masking (7)
Masking (5)
Masking (4)
Masking (1)
Basic-Retouch (2)
Drop-Shadow (11)
Drop-Shadow (9)
Drop-Shadow (7)
Drop-Shadow (6)
Drop-Shadow (3)
Drop-Shadow (1)
Natural-Shadow (1)
Natural-Shadow (3)
Natural-Shadow (5)
Natural-Shadow (8)
Natural-Shadow (9)
Natural-Shadow (11)
Natural-Shadow (15)
Natural-Shadow (20)
1 (23)
1 (19)
1 (15)
1 (14)
1 (8)
1 (6)
1 (5 )
1 (3)
Color-Correction (15)
Color-Correction (13)
Color-Correction (11)
Color-Correction (10)
Color-Correction (7)
Color-Correction (6)
Color-Correction (1)
Color-Correction (1)
Neck Joint
Neck-Joint (4)
Neck-Joint (6)
Neck-Joint (8)
Neck-Joint (10)
Neck-Joint (14)
Neck-Joint (16)
Neck-Joint (17)
Vector-Art (14)
Vector-Art (13 )

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Clipping path

Clipping Path is a technique that is mostly used for removing background of original image. It is used for Media photographers, web design organization, fashion agencies, magazine design companies, pre-press publishing organization, advertising ...

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Image masking service is one of the fundamental image editing systems. It is applied to remove the background of photo which has hair portions or blurred edges. We can remove, extract or separate a thing from the rest of the image ...

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Photo Retouching Service In the photo editing sector retouching is the most important service. It plays a vital role to make a raw photograph into a new style and attractive looks. By this service you can easily attract the ...

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Shadow creating service is a system of graphic design which creates an object over the rest of an image by laying a direct shade behind the object. This is used to add a shadow effect into a picture. Shadow creating service can make fantastic ...

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