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Handmade Vector Conversion service

Are you looking for Raster to Vector Conversion Service? Or Are you confused regarding that which types of images should you use for your business? Or From where I can get the best service? If your answer is yes then congratulation, you have landed in right place. Today we will discuss about Raster and Vector Images. After reading this article you will know all the key things in details about Raster to Vector Images. Without any delay let’s proceed forward.

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Before starting our main topic lets know some facts about Image.Images are very important media in recent years.Uses of image have expanded to another level. Peoples are using images in different purpose. At the very beginning images were used for hobby mainly. Recent time, peoples are using images for business purpose also. Not only that but also it has become a part and parcel of business. In physical product related business images plays a vital role for advertisement. Images can attract more customers and extend your sell. But there is an important fact. Images that are you using should be clear, quality-full and good resolution. In any other way it can’t bring any good.

When you are dealing with any kind of business that related to image, you can’t compromise with image quality. In business field, grab the first attention is very important. Image can do the trick here. You need to keep in mind some important things though. Basically, there are two types of images. These are raster image & Vector image.

Vector Conversion service
Vector Conversion service

Raster Image
Images made by pixels are Raster Image. It provides small squares of image information. Because of its poor resolution, it fails to gather attraction of viewer when you zoomed in. If you want to change raster images resolution it becomes unacceptable. But in this world of completion, if you want to be topper you need to maintain quality. Especially, if you are related to printing on paper, sign making, embroidery, animation, logo or E-commerce business, then you need to use the image that assure best quality. When your buyers zoomed in it more and more, it should maintain same quality. Then how to deal with it?

Yes, you have guessed it right. Image vector or Vector image is the solution here. These types of images can give you the best quality with high resolution. That really doesn’t any matter, how many steps you zoom in. It sounds pretty sensible, am I right? Thus, what’s the definition here for vector image?

Vector Image

Literally, images that are made by lines, points, and curves is named vector image. A pleasant truth about vector image is you can zoom as much as you wish. It will constantly stay the same quality.In formation image once it gets older it lose sits resolution.On the opposite hand, it doesn’t any matter how elder it becomes It continuously provides constant resolution. In the business area of logo designing, animation making, embroidery, graphics designing field vector images are mostly used.

How to Vector my Image?
Are you thinking about, how can I vector my image?Many people think, Is there any free raster to vector converter? Many people want to know how to converter to vector illustrator or png to vector illustrator? You will find all your answer in the next part lets jump-

Raster to Vector Conversion
There is a process known as Raster to Vector conversion. In short you can say R2V.Covert raster image to vector image is called R2V. But it is not an easy task. There is no specific Raster to Vector Converter;Online Vector Creator that can provide you accurate professional auto generated Vector photos. Cause of this is, it related to mathematical rules and terms you need to do it manually with your own knowledge. You need to have a proper knowledge of this vector field.Because a little mistake also can easily be noticed in vector image.That may produce a nasty impression. That’s not a decent factor for any business



Basic process of raster to vector

Actually, convert raster to vector is a time killing task. But in this part you will learn basic process about how to convert raster to vector image. Without any delay let’s start.

At first open the raster image in Photoshop that you want to convert. Then select background layer. After this you need to rasterize layer. Then using any selection tools select the part that you want to convert. If you want to ask my choice then I will recommend you pen tools. After completing selection click the right button and choose make selection. Afterward change feather Radius to 0 and press ok. Then, make a layer mask with selection, select layer not the mask. After this open smart sharpen filter and then choose amount 152%, Radius 3.0 px, Reduce noise 30%. Now, you need to add threshold adjustment layer. It will become black and white image.

Then go back to filter again and choose diffuse. Repeat this step again. Then apply an isotropic filter. Repeat the process once again. By changing threshold level images can be made smoother. Then once again changes smart sharpen into reasonable value. Then merge all visible layers with new layer by pressing CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E .Now time to give the final touch. Create a solid white color layer below. After this clear unnecessary parts using brush tools using black and white color. You can also use brush tools and mask. It’s your choice buddy. In next step, adjust edges and press CTRL and click the mask layer to show selection. Pick any selection tools and click right button to make work path. Tolerance 2 is fine in that case. Finally resize the vector layer with CTRL+T to view the result. That’s all.

Here are some bonus tips for you:

  • At the beginning select necessary parts very carefully.
  • Try to keep less edges
  • Don’t increase feather radius number
  • In the last stage if you notice any pixel then select the part and repeat upper process

Raster to Vector Service

Making quality Vector images is a time killing process. Alongside, special knowledge is also required. In this reason, Peoples prefers taking online service for the best result. There are lots of online sites available that provide R2V service. But, all sites cannot assure good quality service. If you are searching for Best Raster to Vector Service then welcome, you have landed at the perfect place.Consultants groups in this specific field are operating for 24 hours to assure you the best service.

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How to Convert Raster Image into Vector in Photoshop

Now you know all the key things about R2V. Let’s jump to some frequently asked questions:

  • Why you should use vector image instead of raster?

When you print raster image or use it on banner and somewhere else it becomes blurry. But for grabbing attention you should use clear high definition image. Most importantly, clear image can make a positive intention easily. Keep in mind that,First impression is the best impression. That’s why you need to assure some standard quality. When someone sees it at the very first time, he should think “Yes, that’s should be for me.”

  • What is the best software for raster to vector conversion?

Literally you can’t say specifically that this one is best app. There are few apps for making vector images like Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop CC, Corel Draw. These apps are used for Vector making. Professionals normally use Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe illustrator. Both are good in their specific field.

  • In which field Vector Image should be used?

Basically Vector Image used for logo making, graphic’s designing, embroidery, printing on clothes, product advertising etc. That’s mean it mainly used for business purpose. Actually Vector image can attract more customer than raster. That’s why experts prefer it.

  • Is there any free R2V converter available?

If you read our previous part then you simply know the answer. It’s definitely not. Like I said before as it related to mathematical rules so it never can be do automatically to fulfill your demand. But you can try our free trial. That will give you a hint that how professional we are in this field. We fulfill all your criteria.

  • For creating a new design should I always use vector?

This is little bit of tricky question. Actually it does depend on your design type. If you are making design of photographic element that consist of various types of color and continuous tones then you should use paint program. Otherwise you should go with Vector. But in the most cases Vector are used.

  • Which types of file format can be converted into vector?

This question sometimes comes to our mind that which specific types of file format can be converted into Raster? The amazing fact is you can convert any types of format like jpg, gif, png into vector type. For your knowledge I also want to share that ai ,eps ,pdf , svg are vector types file format.

  • What is the basic difference between vector image and raster image?

Many people want to know that, what the main difference between Raster and Vector is. Answer of this question is pretty simple.Raster image mainly based on Pixel and vector image mainly based on shape.

  • Is there any disadvantage with vector?

That’s a very good question. If all is well about Vector image, what’s the disadvantage then? The fact is if you are using vector image then you need to be your best. Cause, in case of vector image a bit of mistake can make things nasty. You just can’t afford to do any single mistake. As it is mainly shape based image so a single mistake can spoil the whole things.

Now have a look at some differences between Raster and Vector:

1.Made by pixels1.Made by lines and graph
2.File format: jpg,png,gif2.File format: ai, svg , esp.
3. Quality and resolution reduce when get older.3.Quality and resolution remains constant
4.Basically used for photography & modeling 4. Basically use for logo designing, graphics designing, animation making, product advertising.
5. These types of image capture fewer details than vector image.5. Vector images capture more details than Raster images.

That was all about Raster to Vector service. I hope now you know all the key things about R2V. You judge it by yourself that which type of images you need for your relevant area. Take your time and make a decision. For any kind of further information feel free to contact us. If you think that you need vector image then without any delay try our service.

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