- How Do Professional Photographers Edit & Manage Their Photos?
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How do professional photographers manage their photos

Hello buddy, it seems you are related with photography and have interest on photo editing. Nowadays, photography and photo editing are knit in the same knot. Photography field is greatly dominated by photo editing. By editing photos properly attention of the viewers can be generated more effectively. That’s why every professional photographer in the world used to edit their photos. But only a few people know how to perform this with the perfection. Are you also enthusiastic about it? Then you are just at the right place.

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This is the article where you can get how do professional photographers edit their photos. So, this article is going to be helpful for every photography loving people. From my 5 years of experience, I have pointed out 10 techniques that professional photographers used to edit their photos.Among thousands of image editing techniques in Photoshop, I have observed these techniques really work. One more good news for you. At the end of these techniques, I will share a piece of secret information with you. Why we are making delay then? Let’s make a dive into the main content.

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01. Dealing with the Image in Raw

This is the main foundation of professional image editing. Without a solid foundation it is never possible to edit the photo professionally. To start your image editing with the raw file. In this way, you get most detail to customize a photo. But what is the first thing to adjust in this case? Though there are no specific rules for this. Different photo editors do it in their own different way. My suggestion is to start with the color temperature or you can also start with the exposure. After this, you have to make the image flatten. Contrast’s also a key thing consider at the primary level.If the photo doesn’t have proper contrast,you have to increase the level of the contrast. In case, the photo contains natural contrast then you don’t have to follow this step.Otherwise, it will affect the image badly.

02. Utilize Healing Brush Tool

Healing brush tool is a great features of adobe photoshop. Basically, there are two types of healing brush tool is available in photoshop. As per my suggestion, you ought to go for healing brush tool rather than spot healing brush tool.The advantage of using this tool is you select the source point by yourself. Especially, when you want to fix the area like Acnes, Pimple, dark spot healing brush tool is the best option. Professional photo editors use this tool to get rid of the unwanted marks. So, to do the editing like professional photo editor you have to master the art of using this tool.

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03. Use Clone stamp tool

It is another tool almost all photo editors love to use. I personally love this tool to set the lighten of my image.You will be surprised to know that I use this tool both for skin and background. One important point to note here. Don’t set the opacity too high when using this tool. But professional photo editors don’t use this tool repeatedly. Just use this tool, when proper details are missing from a portion.

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04. Learn to use Dodge and Burn

Dodging and burning is another favorite tool of professional photographer In photoshop, there are several ways to do this. It is better to use in the non-destructive way. In this case, you can use curve adjustment layer. Shadow, mid-tones, highlight you can modify all of these with this tool.There are some facts that you should keep in mind when you are working with this tool. Try to bring a sense of depth in the image by make it lighten or darken.

05. Separate the frequency

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Do you want to make the skin smooth in the professional way? Then you have to separate the frequency. You can apply this technique on your cloths, background, sky etc.

06. Changing the blend mode of black and white layer

This an easy and elegant technique that professional photographers apply in their photo. Simply apply Black and White layer in the photo. After this,you have to change the blend mode into soft light. After doing that you may experience that there is too much contrast in the photo. Do you the solution of it? Set the opacity low as per your requirement.It brings a sharp look in the image.In this way, you can also control the luminescence of each color with this layer. Moreover, customizing the reds and yellows you can bring magnificent change in the skin color.Especially, this is a great technique to apply in the portrait and landscape photography.

07. Learn to use Level and Hue/Saturation layer

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Professional photo editors always use level and Hue/Saturation layer to adjust the light condition of the picture. Just adding the black & white layer and decreasing the opacity level may not satisfy you all the time. That’s why this additional step is needed.Let me tell you a hidden tips of this step how professional photographers actually apply a trick here. They add blue, magenta or cyan to the shadows, red, green for the shadow and green, yellow for the mid-tone this. Do you also want to effect highlights?Then change the red and yellow.

08. Highlights and Curves

Want to add contrast to make the look more elegant like professional? Enhance a curve adjust layer with your picture. The simple way to draw the curve in “S” form. But keep the shape of it small don’t make it too wide.To be honest, I love to humiliating my highlights.Move the top of the curves to right side. Also, move the bottom side to the left side. But this is not an obvious statistic. For some images, it might bring an odd look.

09. Layer Mask technique

This is one of the most important techniques that professional photo editor follows. At the time of image editing, most of us don’t want to make the changes universal. I often use this option for various portion of the image.Especially, when you editing modeling photo layer mask is must needed. Different parts of body contain different color. Add different hue/saturation adjustment layer for individual parts.After this, you need to mask out the area that you want to imply the effect.

10. Different types of Blending Mode

This is the last technique that professional photo editors follow. But unfortunately, this technique is underrated. There are some great blending modes available in photoshop. But most of the people are limited in using the soft light blending mode. Apart from this, other blending mode like soft light, luminosity can adjust contrast and saturation in a great way.Take different types of blending and change the opacity.Do you have any idea how many types of blending mode are available in photoshop?Photoshop offer 26 types of blending mode. It’s the time to show you creativity.

That’s it for today. I hope you have got the idea how do professional photographers edit their photos.By applying these techniques,you can sharpen your skill. If you don’t want to spend your time on photo editing, then you can take our photo editing service. Our professional photo editors will enhance the beauty of your photo. Want to see our quality? Let’s have a free trial now. At last Judge our best professional photoshop services

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