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Clipping Mask Photoshop Better Facts In Clipping Mask And Layer Mask

Clipping Mask Photoshop | Better Facts In Clipping Mask And Layer Mask

Clipping Mask In Photoshop, Research shows that more than 35% online buyers want to see product that features on a white background. But for a professional photographer capture all images in white background can be proved a really tough task. It doesn’t really any matter whether you are using photos for print or digital use, the fact that really matter it is attention. The key is attention to details. As technology has grown and people are getting smarter and smarter day by day, now they demand better images. Same formula applied for your customer also. If you can grab your customer’s attention, then success is just a matter of time.

With Clipping mask Photoshop you can attract customers with images. This is really a good technique to apply. Businessmen from all over the world are using this method to expand their business. Are you also thinking to know about Clipping Mask Photoshop? Do you also want to grow your business? Then this is very useful article for you. Read it carefully and apply this in your professional life. This article will inform you, what is clipping mask in Photoshop and how to make clipping mask in Photoshop. You will also find out how to use clipping mask in Photoshop. So, let’s start.

clipping mask
clipping mask

What is clipping mask Photoshop?

Clipping mask is pretty similar to Photoshop’s layer mask feature. Definition of clipping mask Photoshop can be described like that; the mask that allows you to apply a mask a section cover enables you to apply a veil to numerous layers without a moment’s delay.
As a matter of course, the base layer defines the limits for the general gathering. Contingent upon your base layer’s substance, the above layers will be influenced in certain ways. Underneath, we’ve laid out how to utilize cutting covers effectively in Photoshop, so you can concoct increasingly innovative layering in your photography and configuration work.

Difference between clipping mask Photoshop and layer mask
May be you are thinking about what is the difference between a clipping mask and a layer mask? Clipping mask and layer mask both allows you to fuzzy specific section of a layer. But Photoshop layer mask needs you to select particularly that section you want to apply mask. If you use paint tools, then you fill in specific areas with black, white or gray to tell apps what should do. Now a question can come into your mind that, “what is the specialty of clipping mask then? “
In theory, clipping mask uses different layers contents to indicate what to mask on the layer upper it. It can be more effective, instinctual and fun to use than layer mask Photoshop. Do you want to know how to make a mask? There are many creative way to apply it. We will discuss about it in the later part. Let’s move forward.

How does A Clipping Mask Photoshop works
In Photoshop clipping masks are an effective path to control the visibility of layer. In this case,we compare clipping mask to layer mask in previous part. At the end of your work, sometimes result can be the same or relatively close. Two layers are needed for creating clipping mask. The layer that are in the beneath it control the visibility of the layer above it. In another words, the mask is the bottom layer. The layer above the layer’s cut to the cover.

The layer on the base controls the decidability of the layer above it. At the end of the day, the base layer is the veil, and the layer above the layer’s cut to the cover. That’s why people prefer to use Photoshop clipping Mask Multiple layers.
Where the base layer contains real substance (pixels, shapes, or type), the substance on the layer above it is unmistakable. In any case, in the event that any piece of the layer on the base is straight forward, at that point that equivalent territory on the layer above it will be covered up. That may sound more confounding than how a layer cover functions, yet cutting veils are similarly as simple to utilize. How about we make a cut-out veil ourselves so we can all the more likely see how they work.

clipping mask
clipping mask

Using Clipping Masks Photoshop for Typography

In this part, you are going to learn step by step how to make Photoshop clipping mask for typography. Let’s dive forward.

At the primary step, you have to create a new document in Photoshop. If you are going to use it for web expert suggest you to set the resolution setting to 72. In the next part type your desired word. Point to be knotted here; you can also use this method for your blog header.

In the next step, you need to create a new layer on top of your text layer You can also create a new layer by going to Layer option then New then again Layer (in the top menu) OR by pressing the icon that looks alike of a piece of paper lays after the trash in the bottom right of your layers panel. New layer that you created will be blank. Later on,anything you want can be drawn in this new layer.

In the next step: Make beyond any doubt your new layer is featured in the layers board .At that point, you have to go to Layer then choose Create Clipping Mask. An easy route is to drift between your two layers with your cursor while holding down the alternative key (on a Mac). You’ll see a little bolt spring up and when you click, it will make a cut-out cover.
That’s it. It seems pretty easy for beginner also. But when you are using it for business purpose you need to be very accurate.
Now moves to our today’s main topic;
Photoshop clipping mask tutorial. Scroll down to know its procedure.

Adobe Photoshop clipping mask tutorial

How to Use Layer Masks in Photoshop

In this section, I am going to show you how to create Clipping Mask in Photoshop. At the very first, you have to go to File. Then choose New and create a new square Photoshop document will be created. Secondly, you need to choose the Rectangle Tool and after this chink and drag at the same time you have to hold the Shift key for creating a square. In next step just set the Fill to black and change the stroke to none.

In this step, you have to press Ctrl + J to make a copy of your black square and then create a 5×5 grid. Don’t forget to assure that the squares are properly spaced. Then go to View option then choose Snap. Now it will give you more control and flexibility of your square for the placement.

When you’re satisfied with your grid, you need to feature every one of the squares and snap on the New Group symbol at the base of the Layers board to bunch them all together. You can rename this gathering as ‘Squares’.

In this step, open the image that you want to customize in Photoshop and at the top of the layer drag it into the new document.

While Holding down Alt, click on the jumping line between the Squares gathering and your picture in the layers board. A little bolt ought to show up beside your picture layer, which demonstrates a Clipping Mask has been made.

Finally, you can use the shortcut use Ctrl + T to move and measure your photos as it required.
Option of changing the opacity of some of the main squares is also available for more interesting mosaic effect. You can chink on each specific square in your group. Then change the opacity of slider as you need.

That was its tutorial part. I hope now you have a proper concept of how to mask in Photoshop.Continue reading to know more details about Clipping masking Photoshop.


Above part was for Photoshop. But if you want to create a clipping mask using Adobe illustrator, then this part is for you buddy. May it sounds complex to you creating a clipping mask in adobe illustrator. But it is not as hard as you thinking. So let’s forward to its procedure.
At first, choose the desired file and place to place it with the expected one. Then you have to do mask work with objects that is created in illustrator with object placed there. Then create the item .Create the thing you need to use as a cover by utilizing the Pen instrument to make a shape or a shut way. While making a cut-out veil, ensure that the item to be utilized as a cover is a shut shape and is at the highest point of the stacking request.
In the next step, using the selection tools to select the placed image along with shape. Then click shift for adding an object to the selection. Later, for creating the clipping mask use keyboard shortcut CTRL + 7 if you are windows user. Command + 7 is the option for MAC user. That’s it. That was the procedure. I want to let you know one more thing, If you want to turn off the clipping mask. Select Object then go to Clippping mask option followed by Release.

An extra bonus tips for you:

  • Text can also be used as clipping mask. Over an object make sure a word is positioned. Later on,you have to choose the both text and the object and select object followed by Clipping mask and then make.

Let’s have a view at the key points of clipping mask Photoshop:

  • It gives you the permission of applying pixels on a layer or color and exposure adjustments. It works via Adjustment Layers to only one individual layer as supposed to all layers below it.
  • A clipped layer’s pixels or adjustments will be applied to any opaque pixels in the layer it is clipped to.

The opaque pixels essentially form a mask for the one or more layers that you clip to it.

When a layer that has other layers clipped to it is disabled/hidden, all clipped layers will automatically hide as well.

Clipping Masks can be created in a variety of ways, with the easiest being to select the layer you want to clip to the layer below, then use the keyboard shortcut Command+Option+G (Ctrl+Alt+G).

The most common use for Clipping Masks is to apply various adjustment layers to a specific layer as opposed to the entire image.

Clipping masks are also very useful for removing fringing in a subject cut-out within a composite image, or to add texture to areas of smoothed skin as demonstrated in the video.

Free clipping mask frames
Many people’s want to know about how they can find free clipping mask templates. Are you one of them? If you are, then this Para is only for you. A few website provides clipping mask frame. PINTEREST is the best site for this purpose. You can also try PHOTOBUCKET and CREATIVEMARKET.

Clipping Mask Online Service

In the business area, you don’t want to take any kind of risk. That’s why you can take clipping mask online service. Many website provide online clipping mask service. Considering some fact you can take your service for clipping mask. Before placing an order you need to be sure that they are trustworthy, they deliver their order in time and they also charge according to your budget and obviously their service should be quality-full. But before placing an order how can you know about their quality. Then you can try ClippingUSA. Cause, it provides free trial option. You can place a free trial now. CLIPPINGUSA deliver their service in time. On the other hand, it also charges a little. That will obviously meet your budget. So if you want to take online service for clipping mask. Then ClippingUSA deserves thumbs up.

Now allow me to end up with the answers of some frequently asked question.

QU: Why is clipping mask not working?

AN: One needs to use only one path to create a mask. The possible cause can be you are working with multiple paths for creating one mask. Sometimes, a locked layer can be an issue. To customize any specific layer you have to unlock it first by tapping to lock icon.

QU: How to crop a layer in Photoshop?

AN: There is an easy way to apply Photoshop crop layer technique. To perform it you have to utilize rectangular marquee tool to choose which part you are going to crop. After this, remove the complete layers and paste your copied portion into a new layer. This is the similar technique when you are willing to know how to crop one layer in Photoshop. It is an effective technique when you want to crop a bigger canvas.

QU: How to make a box in Photoshop?

AN: To create a box in Photoshop open a new window by pressing CTRL+ N or you can also create on your desired background. Go to shape tool and pick rectangle tool. Then set opacity and foreground color and place it in your working place by dragging the mouse.

QU: How to crop image in Circle shape in Photoshop?

AN: At first open the image that you want to crop. Create a new layer and go to Elliptical Marque option from the topside and create the circle. By holding shift you can move the circle.

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