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Curve Text In GIMP

GIMP is one of the most popular and free software for Graphic Design. It is very simple to operate. Anyone can easily edit their image. This software is also suitable for image retouching, image manipulation, bend text, arch text, text along path, etc. GIMP 2.10 added some new features. GIMP is an alternative software for Adobe Photoshop. I have some tips and tricks about the circular text in gimp and round text in gimp. It’s a part of gimp curve text. We are briefly discuss simple way to create curve text in GIMP.

Simple Way to Create Curve Text in GIMP 01

Today I’m going to show “how to curve text in GIMP”.

At first, open GIMP software and put text along a path for curve text. Select pen path tools first then create a curve angle. And adjust them beautifully. In this part, you can understand “how do I draw shapes in gimp?”

Simple Way to Create Curve Text in GIMP 02

How do I edit text in gimp?

That’s so simple. At first, just go to the left side toolbar. And select text tool for the edit text layer. Then you can see an edit text box on your screen. Now you can type the text which you want to curve. Here you can also know “how do I select a font in gimp”. On top of the edit text box, you can see a toolbar. You can choose your desired font and size from here. Our similar content, How To Select Multiple Layers In GIMP

Simple Way to Create Curve Text in GIMP 03

Then go to the right-side toolbar and click path icon. Here you can see your curve text path. Right-click on the path and select path to selection. Now you can see your text in a curve style.

Simple Way to Create Curve Text in GIMP 04

How do I rotate a text box in gimp?

In GIMP 2.0 you can easily rotate your text box. At first select, your path then right-click on the screen. Then view then flip & rotate. After that click on the desired rotation. Other resource only for you: GNU Image Manipulation program

Simple Way to Create Curve Text in GIMP 05

How can I edit text in a picture?

You have to follow the same way to change your background color or picture. Just select your layer then right-click on the screen. Then go to edit then fill with color. Now you just fill the color by your choice. If you want to change your background picture. Just open a picture in a new layer. Drug your curve text into them. That the way you can also change your background image. We have finished with this picture.

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