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How to Become a Freelance Photographer of Amazon for Product Photography?

If you want to become a freelance photographer of Amazon and don’t know what and how to become so, then this is a concise guide for you. Simply continue reading till to the end of the content and this will make you understand the points that you need to become an Amazon product photographer. A lot of Amazon sellers get their product in for a shoot in the beginning after that they be dependent on those images for months and years when it comes to product photography. But, it can have a deep and optimistic impact on your end result while testing your product images. That’s why you must not rely on one your own assumptions of what definitely work and what will not. And, usually, it’ll be decided by the millions of Amazon shoppers.

What Does a Freelance Photographer Do?

Like many other self-employed jobs, such as copywriting, marketing, programming, etc, the freelance photographer is also self-employed in terms. As a freelance photographer, you complete the projects that the clients set out for you after you seek out potential clients for you. So, this is not entirely a unique job being a freelance photographer. Basically, since they have found and been given by multiple companies, what freelance photographers do, they work on multiple projects. In this case, pay is as always negotiated beforehand as varies from one project to another one.

But, you’ll likely need to seek out prospective clients utilizing relationships with family and friends when just starting out. If they have joined networking groups then they could create leads for you. And it can help to build and raise the word of mouth while having a solid business plan and delivering consistent results. Apart from these, focusing on a specific style and type of photography, many freelance photographers find their niches. For example, product photography if we say specifically then this is Amazon product photography that we’re going to focus on this content.

Types of Product Photography for the Freelance Photographer

They think a product photograph an effortless photo of the product on a white background those who are new to the e-commerce business. But, you can utilize to get your product seen and convert more purchases as there are lots of other types of photography. Some of the examples of different types of photography for the freelance photographer:

1. Product Images

This is product images on the white background and it requires any product on Amazon. If you use a decent Smartphone then it’s truly feasible to get this type of shoot.

2. Lifestyle Images

It’s the type of images that show your product in use. Usually, it’s done with a hand model or a model to add a human touch. The kind of lifestyle images you might need can greatly differ depending on your product.

3. Infographic Images

As Infographic images, they require some specially designed work. Also, they come with some extra information regarding the product while using design elements and text. For example, you can add a logo, including the guarantee, or show the size of a product with arrows and measurements. The possibilities of the infographic images are endless.

Getting Started to Become a Freelance Photographer of Amazon

You should make your images dazzling as a freelance photographer of Amazon for product photography. This is the way that you can make your product images more vivid and get a greater amount of clicks. Are you getting scared? In fact, Amazon product photography is not so complicated that you’re thinking about. But, the problem is somewhere else because Amazon has displayed its photo policy on various WebPages. Leading to a huge number of misunderstandings, very often they even contradict each other. So, it’s quite difficult to put them together for this fact for a beginning seller.

Requirements for the Amazon Product Photography

This is the first and foremost thing that we must say while talking about Amazon product photography. So, let’s know what you’ll need to do while taking images as a freelance photographer for product photography.

  • Make image background white
  • Avoid making distance while showing the full product
  • The width of the image should be at least 500 to 10, 000 pixels
  • The image should be square cropped or rations of 1:1 or 5:1
  • Use RGB Color mode for all images
  • Avoid using Photoshop or Illustrator files, use JPG or TIF instead
  • Maximum file size is 10 MB

The Most Suitable Photo Settings:

  • White background from RGB 255
  • 2000px by 2000px, Square
  • JPEG, 100% compression
  • Cropped to Product Edge
  • Save a file as sRGB color space

How Should a Freelance Photographer Take Product Pictures for Amazon?

It’s true that it’s quite complicated to achieve great and high-quality Amazon product photography. But, you must not be scared of this and it may comfort you if you go through the way that we’re talking about. So, as a freelance photographer, you can follow the following steps to shoot the perfect images.

1. Setup the Product with a White Backdrop

Because you already have known that only white backdrop is accepted, we’re coming back to technical image requirements. It can be just a white sheet of paper or a white fabric as the best economic solution. In addition to these, you also can use ironed bedsheets.

2. Lightning

It’s much more vital and there is no best answer for professional light, which is the best than soft white lightning. And, in this case, you can buy a light box on Amazon for your Amazon product photography. Other than, you can make your personal home studio for Amazon product photography. Moreover, you can use LED light and even any portable light source as the variant to economize.

3. Frame

Another important thing and it’s not easy for small products that occupy 85% of an image. For example, knives, which too long and thin are. But, if you crop it as close to the presented item as possible, still, Amazon will accept your photo. You have to play with your image’s angles so that you can adjust it properly. This is the way that will help you to understand which one is the best for the dynamic output of your image. Although you can crop images definitely, it’s better to check earlier that no edges will be interrupted. But, don’t forget to pay a keen attention to lines as horizontal and vertical lines must be straight.

4. Cropping and sRGB

You need to find out how longer preparations evidently make photographed products smaller. But, there is a problem that’s Amazon will do it automatically if you didn’t make the photograph square. In this case, you can think about the Amazon product photography’s future form earlier. It’ll make your job smother. On the other hand, you must set images to sRGB as other forms get changed by Amazon rendering. So, sRGB is the only form that’s accepted by Amazon. But, no matter what some pages reassure, colors will not be rendered in an accurate way.

5. Photo Retouching

Try to remove all dust and spots from the image along with another blob. You can do it easily without using professional programs. In this case, you can use Windows Live Photo Gallery, which is quite appropriate for the Amazon product photography service.

6. 300 DPI is Incorrect

Although Amazon product photography guidelines claim that 300 DPI is a requirement, you may simply ignore that. This is because it’s the measurement for modern computer screens. But, it’s mistakenly believed that DPI is linked with the volume of an image. For knowing it that it’s related to print pictures. In this case, pixel length is changed with physical length.

7. The main Photo is Much Important

The main image is the much more essential for Amazon product photography for the freelance photographer. This thing increases sales as well as traffic by locating at the side of price. Additionally, it’s the main listing photo that should pay the biggest amount of attention.

8. Uploading Product Image

Uploading an image for Amazon is always the final step. Despite being the process is all the time exiting; it’ll take you almost 15 minutes. It may make you easily panic and you may think there is something gone wrong if you don’t know about this delay.

What Should You Include to Submit an Image?

As a broad brief, you have to submit the following, which is the rule of thumb:

  • Product Name and Description: You should give them a good idea about the product, which is all about
  • Brief Overview: Here is required just a few sentences and that will do at this point. You can go into detail later.
  • Number of Photographs Required: If you are looking for a quote, this is especially important.
  • Type of Photographs Required: Whether its studio photos on white backgrounds or Lifestyle images or both or models required.
  • Size of Product: Let them know if it’s large.
  • Technical Requirements: 1. full high-resolution images, 2. RGB color mode, and 3. JPG and/or TIF files.
  • Cropping: Square cropped
  • File Names: It’s useful to specify how you would like them to be named if you are ordering a lot of photos.
  • Product Delivery: When and how you can deliver samples.
  • Deadline: It’s much more important. If you’re on a tight schedule especially when finding out which photographer will be the best fit.

After those, do the followings for every image:

  • Type of image: Explain what every image needs to look it like. Consider whether it’s well lit on a white background, or studio lit on a different color background, or outdoors on location.
  • Positioning / Angle: You should explain how you want to get your product to appear in the image. Whether it is the angle, or close-ups, or on its side. And provide a rough sketch if it helps.
  • Product Details: If you need any product details to be included or on the show then you can think about logos, packaging, specific features.


A freelance photographer is expected to take up some of his/ her time, and also potentially some investment for some common and simple equipment if decided to do some of your own photography. Don’t be afraid to experiment with lots of different things when you are shooting and try to be open-minded about the outcomes. This is the way that will give you more to work with while editing. Also, we recommend investing in some professional images during the product’s lifecycle at some points.

Okay readers, going to you. Let us know your view regarding this content. And if you think it useful then share it with your friends and family via social media. Also, you can share your experience with Amazon product photography as a freelance photographer. Till then Happy Freelance Photographing!

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