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The Ultimate Guide to Clipping Path

The Ultimate Guide to Clipping Path

Are you running product related business? Are you a professional photographer? Do you want to get engage with more audience? Want to increase your sells? Actually everyone wants to do so.

I know you are also one of them. All businessmen want to increase their sells massively. But a few can manage to do so. Do you want be one of the few successful owners? Then you have landed in the perfect place. This article is going to be very essential for you.

In this article, you will know about clipping path, how it works, who should use clipping path service how you can increase your sells, where you can get best clipping path service etc. In a word, you will know all the key fact about clipping path service. If you read this article carefully, you can discover yourself in the row of successful people. You should not miss the chance. So let’s make a dive.

Clipping path service is a technique of Photoshop application which is used to remove the background from the picture using Photoshop Pen Tool or other digital art tools like Paint Shop Pro. In Adobe Photoshop program, there are only few tools available for removing the background from the picture such as the magical tool, but the real result of removing the background from the picture is not very accurate unlike Pen tool offers an accurate clipping path from where you can cut out the unwanted background in the picture using the Adobe Photoshop program. By using clipping path, you are creating beautiful images of your taste with ease! All you need to do is to learn how to use these tools efficiently and add a touch of creativity to your pictures by adding captivating effects in your photographs using Photoshop.

First let me inform you why images are important. Mary Meeker’s made a survey about image in 2014. In his survey, he found that people uploaded an average of 1.8 billion photos daily! Can you imagine that’s mean they uploaded more than 657 billion images in a year.

You can also think that in a different perspective. The number of photos that were never existed in 150 years ago, people takes more photos than it in just every two minutes. It was the story of 2014. But can you imagine about recent time? Okay make a guess. How many numbers of photos were taken in 2018? Can you guess? 700 billion, 800 billion or are you thinking about 1000 billion? This is not enough buddies. More than 1200 billion photos were taken in 2018. So you can realize how important image is.

There is saying that we are living in an age of science. But it will be no mistake if I say that, we are living in an age of Image. It can catch your memory. But this is not only the main purpose of using photos. But also people are using it for business purpose. Actually image is a part and parcel of business. But how you can use? Let me show you how you can use image to make a growth on your business. Let’s continue.

Image can play a crucial role in your image. In this modern days technology has upgraded. People are using smart technology. You also need to upgrade yourself and your business. If you run your business only in offline, you can get engaged with a few customers. But when you make your business online based, easily you can get engaged with lots of people. That’s why you should shift your business onto online. But here is a question.

All the people who are running E-Commerce business use image for catching attraction of audience. But only a few can mange. What is secreting here? I am giving you the answer. You know that how much competition in this field. For becoming a strong competitor you need to be little different from others. You need to think smartly. When audience views your image they should feel that it is special. Clipping path can help you at this point. It will make your product more special others.

What is clipping path?

Clipping path is a special image editing technique. In this technique you can cut out a photo from its background. Generally it is done with Photoshop pen tools. You need to create closed vector path to isolate your original background. So basically you need to draw a line of the object then remove the outer area. You just cannot ignore clipping path when it comes about clipping path. You cannot avoid clipping path buddy. It doesn’t any matter your images are in which form. It can be in the deep etch, it can be in a soft etch. Clipping path is a perfect option for the both types of image.

Why Clipping Path?

clipping path
clipping path

Are you still thinking that why you should use Clipping path? What is its specialty? Let me give you clarification at this point. The original raw image that you capture it has different type of background.

This is the main problem. The first thing is camera is not so powerful like our eyes. With different types of typical normal background your product doesn’t look attractive at all. In fact background can disturb your image out looking.

Using a white background can be a better option to gather some attention. It is also not possible to capture the entire image separately on a white background. Even you manage to do this. Still you need to edit the image as I mention before raw image never can provide you expected looking.

Professional photographer failed to do so. For the best result you need to edit the image. If you have to use image editing anyway then why should you don’t use Clipping path service? It will give you lots of option in your hand. You don’t need to think about the background. So it saves your money too. That gives you flexibility. You can capture your image in any background. The times that it saves, you can use this valuable time in your business to bring more quality. Isn’t it a great idea? You know obviously it is.

Specialty of Clipping Path

Clipping path is specialist in grabbing attention and attraction. Do you know the hidden secrete of successful business? It is the game of attraction. As long as you are able to grab attraction you are in the right track.

When you failed to do so, loses are knocking at your door. If you are a product business owner, model, photographer then you need to be very careful about the image you are using. You cannot afford to take a single small mistake. But disturbing background can become a big issue.

That’s why you must need to use clipping path service. According to a research, every two person from eight people want to see products in white background. When your audience sees images in white background, they can focus mainly on your object.

It is an important fact for every types of business. When the audience focuses on product, the chance of selling your product increased. Motive comes in their mind to buy it. Clipping path is a very effective technique to apply for this purpose. Image looks so attracting in white background. You can manage a lot of customers.

Who should use clipping path?

Now you have understood the importance of clipping path. But are you wondering about who should use it? In this section you will get your answer. In easy words, people who are engaged with any kinds of image related stuff they should use clipping path service. Want to know more specifically? Okay I am narrating the point more specifically. Individually Model, Fashion photographer, Advertiser, e-commerce businessman, web developer, and printing industries should use Clipping path.

Clipping Path Service
Those companies and industries that need to remove their photo background, they need it in a quick time. But usually they don’t have so much time to edit their photo. That’s why they should take Clipping path service from clipping path service provider like us. You can also call us Clipping Path Company. You can get the best service in a very limited time. We always provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Types of Clipping Path

So is there any category available for clipping path? Yes readers. There are basically 3 main category of clipping path. These are simple clipping path, Medium Clipping Path and complex clipping path. Actually it depends on the object. For different types of object different types of clipping path varies.
When the object is easy to isolate, number of path to be applied is very few, this type of clipping path process is called simple clipping path.
In that case, object are little tricky to make a selection, two or more holes are available, this type of clipping path process known as Medium Clipping Path.
The remaining clipping path category available is Complex clipping path. From its name you can guess that the process of this clipping path is bit more difficult than the previous two. This type of clipping path object is hard to isolate. Lots of vector path needs to be created.

In the above we have discussed about the major three types of clipping path. But another category is also available known as Multiple Paths. What are multiple paths? It is also called Color Path. This is very effective process for Color Correction. For separating the specific parts from multiple objects, this method is used very effectively. It can give an additional color effect of the selection of the specific portions. That’s why many people called it Compound path. The logic is simple here to call it as Compound path. It can combine multiplex paths or color in an individual area inside a specific image. Background also can be dropped out via this process.

Step by step you are learning about all the key things about clipping path. For your further knowledge I would like to give you some more valuable information. Let’s continue.

Have you ever listened about Image silo or Silhouette? Do you know what it is? I think you are wondering about why I am talking about Image silo in clipping path description. Because, Image silo or Silhouette are another name of clipping path service. Let’s describe it.

Silhouette Images
When you want to make image mask or taking other operation in an image, you should apply silhouette path. By selecting the silo path you can change or extract your original image. Even you can change the image color or any kinds of other adjustment stuff. In this point of view,
When you combined one image with another image silo appeared. But transparent the silo path is also very essential.

Removing Background

Removing background is the method of making a change in the background. You want to make a change in the background color like black, white, blue sky background, off white background etc; you should apply background removal technique. It permits you to place any background.

Uses of clipping path

To be honest uses of clipping path cannot be described in a few sentences. I am trying to explain it briefly. Let’s start:

  • You can separate background from photos
  • You can assure transparency of the background
  • You have the option to edit an individual portion. You can also change the shape of your object.
  • This method can be applied for catalog design too. In order to masking out the background.
  • Text can be created in this way. You can also wrap the photo for some additional effect.
  • It is compulsory for other image editing service also like masking , color correction, Retouching etc.

Best Software For Clipping Path

Many people ask this question. Many people debates on this topic. To be honest, you cannot mark any software specifically best. Different software can be used for creating clipping path. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe illustrator, Adobe lightroom, Luminar, Capture 1, Paint shop Pro basically these apps are used most for creating clipping path. But Adobe Photoshop is most popular for creating Clipping Path. But many people also want to know about clipping path on Adobe Indesign and Adobe illustrator also. I will narrate it for those. Let’s jump forward.

Clipping Path on Photoshop
I can say that Photoshop is the most used app for creating clipping path. It doesn’t any matter how complex your object is. Photoshop can give you handy, smooth service in this case. That’s why professional photo editors around the world are using Photoshop for their respective photo editing work. Creating clipping path can be done with Photoshop by using selection tools. Options are also available for auto selection. But this is not the right things to use. For the expected result it is better to do it manually by pen selection tools.

Clipping Path Indesign

Clipping path can be created via Adobe Indesign also. In this section you will get a basic idea about how to create clipping path on Indesign. Before starting I want to inform you about an important factor. If your image contains high contrast between the photo edges and its background, then you can use Adobe Indesign. Otherwise, it will not prove to be much helpful. For creating a clipping path on Indesign at first you have select the image that you need to modify. Then go to the menu and select object. After that you need to choose option from Clipping Path menu. A dialogue box will be appeared. You just need to check preview. Then go to the menu and choose detect edges from the type option.

There are two options available called tolerance and threshold. These two options give you the option of adjustment the tightness and level of color contrast. In this process, you can remove background from your image

Clipping Path on Illustrator
Some people use illustrator also for creating Clipping Path. This app makes it very simple to view or veil specific portions of a photo. The interesting fact is you don’t need to delete any object. That means you can undo your job at any time throughout the procedure. But you should have the proper knowledge on adobe illustrator. Permit me to give you a basic knowledge so that, you gain the proper access on your working area. At the very beginning you need to open an illustrator program, and then you need to choose the layer that you want to customize. After this you need to draw on your object that you want to isolate. It needs to place it in its background layer. Don’t forget to place it on the main background from the layer panel. In the next step, you are going to use it for creating the clipping path. You need to simply click on Make Clipping Mask or Release Clipping Mask option that is in the beneath of the layers panel. Main point of this process is it can be changed anytime when you want. Let explain this with an example. Position of your object can be adjusted anytime. So you have lots of flexibility

How to get clipping Path Service
So, how you can get Clipping Path service? Basically in three ways you can manage to get clipping path service. But what are these ways? Allow me to describe those briefly. Let’s proceed to forward.

The first thing you can do is do it manually. You can do it manually by yourself. There are a few apps for creating clipping path effect. But using Photoshop is a better option. You can do it manually by using Photoshop. But in this case you need to have proper knowledge about Photoshop and clipping path. Otherwise you cannot have a long run. But you don’t know about image editing? Then you need to apply option two or three.

If you don’t have proper knowledge on image editing then you need to hire a professional image editor. But finding an expert is not an easy task at all. It also can cost you lots of money. So are you thinking that, “oh come on, and tell me something that is easy and affordable”. Hey relax, option number 3 is available.
This is much better than the previous two. You don’t need to do it by yourself, don’t need to take any stress for finding professional Image editor. Still you can manage to get done your job by experts. You can place your order online, get your delivery in time and then make your payment. That sounds much better. Let discuss in details.

Online Clipping Path Service
I was talking about Online Clipping Path Service. It is the simple solution of your complex problem. There are lots of online clipping path service providers. But can all of them provide you a good result? If you don’t feel satisfied with their work what will happen then? If you are thinking about these questions, you need to read our next paragraph. Jump into it.

Where you can get best Clipping Path service?
As I mentioned before there are lots of clipping path service provider available in the market place. But can you get quality service from everywhere? That’s a matter of thinking readers. ClippingUSA can help you with the best image editing service. ClippingUSA offers you best Clipping path service. We are offering all of our service at a very affordable cost. If you want to take our service feel free to contact us. Don’t hesitate to try our free trial option.

What benefit you can get from us?
There are lots of Clipping Path Service Company are available. But why should you choose us? We can assure you some special benefit. We always think about you. Customer satisfaction is the things that we want. You will get some special facility if you choose us. Let me inform you about your benefit

  • You can experience the best quality
  • You will find cost effective service
  • Here you will find Faster turnaround
  • You will get unique quality

You can place an order anytime. Cause we provide 24 hour service seven days in a week

Our working method & domination
We mainly focus on clients demands. Your demands are always important for us. We want to assure you what you actually want. From our experience we know about what customer expect. We know you expect unique service that can help you to increase your respective business field. Actually demand and expectation varies from customer to customer. We always give special attention to our clients. We give definitely what you precisely need. You can have a free trial for getting an idea about our work. We proceed consistently to lean toward direct, by and by connect with as the least demanding strategy to work and offer help.

Our special area
We generally center around Client advantage that is fundamental and for this situation, a client can likewise separate an organization in the aggressive market. Let’s have a look at the key point.
• We can provide surge service.
• We will give the assurance of overnight delivery.
• Only we can provide 100% unique clipping path service.
• We offer you lowest price. Our price starts from $0.25
• We provide volume discount on heavy work.

Our focus
As we mention before Clients benefit is our main concern. Honestly this factor has made our self different from others in the competitive marketplace. Our relationship with our customer is very close. You know this is an important factor of business. We want to make feel our customer that they are special. Actually they really are. We assure fully dedicated service to different countries in the world like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Japan and some more countries. We generally keep up elevated expectation.

Our Others Image Editing Service

You can also get others image editing service from ours. Let me inform you specifically.
Service that you can get-

  • Photoshop Clipping Path
  • Image Silo
  • Image Background Remove
  • Photo Cut Out
  • Image Masking
  • Neck joint or Ghost Mannequin Effect
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Shadow Creation
  • Raster To Vector Conversion
  • Photo Restoration
  • Photoshop Clipping Path
  • Image Silo
  • Image Background Remove
  • Photo Cut Out
  • Image Masking
  • Neck joint or Ghost Mannequin Effect
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Shadow Creation
  • Raster To Vector Conversion
  • Photo Restoration

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