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Are you willing to find out professional photo editor? If your answer is yes, then welcome. You have come to the right place. If you are related with any kinds of photo related stuff then this article is a must read for you. So, read the whole article carefully.

What can I learn from this article?

Before we start, you need to know this point. Are you thinking about what you can learn from this article? Okay, you can know about professional photo editor, professional photo editor software, Pixlr editor, photo editor collage and lots of things that relates to photo such as GIMP online, Instagram photo editor, photo Editing Adobe light room etc.You are also going to know about best professional photo editor service. So let’s begin without any more delay.

What is professional photo editor?

Professional photo editor have dual meaning actually. Let me make the point more clear. The person who edits photos can be called as photo editor. On the other hand, the software’s that are used for editing photos are also known as Photo Editor. Some of those are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Skylum Luminar, and Corel PaintShop pro.These softwares are also popular as handy photo editor.

Now, let me describe other relevant info. There are also some bonus tips for you. So, read the complete passage attentively to get the best output.

What is professional Photo Editor Online?

If you are engaged with photo related stuff, you are familiar to a word professional Photo Editor online. Allow me to inform you briefly about this. Basically photo editor online means a platform those allow you to edit photos. But the same thing you can do with software. What is the difference then?

The fact is for performing photo altering task with software you need to download heavy desktop app. Not only this, most of the handy photo editor software’s are paid. Moreover, some external plug-ins is also needed. Downloading them is also tough and time lengthy task.

Professional photo editor online plays the real trick at this point. You don’t need to download heavy storage on your desktop and fill up your device memory. You can edit photo easily via using different types of online photo editor. These were some advantages. But there are some disadvantages also. Permit me to clarify the point.

Photo Editor Online Vs. Photo Editing Software

Which one is better between photo editor online and photo editing software? This is a matter of debate. Some people love to use online photo editor tools. On the opposite site, some prefers to use Photo editing software.

But considering all the tools and features which one is better? To be honest, it totally depends on your purpose. If you want to use for basic and simple type photo editing, then online photo editor can be proved effective for you. But when it is about complex and major photo editing you have to use photo editing softwares.

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Professional Photo Editor

So, you have got the facts. Photo editing online tools can only cover app a few area. For performing great image altering task you have to take help from image editing software.

Complex type image editing like clipping path, photo restoration, color Correction, background change, Photoshop masking can be so crucial to perform in online photo editing application. Most of the time, these online tools can not cover critical criteria of image editing. That’s why desktop app is preferable in this case.

Professional Photo Editor For Free

If you are looking for professional photo editor for free, at first you need to know about some important facts. First of all, you need to know that; free online photo editor cannot cover so many features. Some tools have covered a good number of features but still it lacks some feature. So, in the long run this cannot help you. But as you want to know permit me to mention some of those.

Fotor, Ipiccy, Canva, PiZap are some free online photo editor. There are also several numbers of photo editors online are available. But these provide more editing features than others.

Let me introduce you with some basic features and the editing procedure.

At the very beginning you need to drag the image into the window. You can drag from your computer directly. Some of the tools provide option to export image from the social sites. After dragging the image into the window you can perform image altering task.

From those above tools, you can perform some crucial editing task. You can change the brightness, shadow, RGB and Curves etc. From the above five Fotor and Canva are more handy. As they come with lots of professional, photo editing features.

You can edit your photos but not much with flexibility. For an example, if you want to customize it for adding frame or sticker then Fotor is a good choice. For making meme, PiZap is good one. If you are looking for simple, user friendly interface then you can try free online photo editor. Rotating, resizing, cropping can be adjusted easily. There are also lots of filter effect and edges detection.

Border and frames are also available. To be honest, these specific tools are effective for individual criteria. But if you want to cover all your demands in single tools, then you might feel disappointment.

But if you cost some money for affording premium tools, then you might take some advantages. Then some premium features can be taken.

Photo editor software

The above part was about online photo editing software. But in the current section we are going to talk about Photo editor Software. There were so many limitations for online photo editing tools, but for photo editor software you can take a longer breath.

Now we don’t need to switch different between software for specific option. So, photo altering software comes with lot more flexibility compare to online tools. That’s it main specialty. The thing is sometimes you need to download plug-in. But this is not a stress making task.

Day by day people are getting involved with more and more with photos. So, demand is also increasing for photo editing. To meet up the requirement, there are lots of softwares are available for altering photo. Do you want to know, what is the best image editor available in the market place?

To be honest, giving answer of this question specifically is not an easy task at all. Actually, photo editing has a wide meaning and it relates to lots of terms and criteria. That’s why lots of criteria are engaged with photo editing.

Considering all these facts, there are a few photo editing apps that deserves appreciation. Do you want to know the names more specifically? Okay, I am narrating.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe CC, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Skylum Luminar etc. are some of handy photo editors. These photo editor single handedly can perform lots of image editing stuff. But are they all same?

The answer is so simple. Like the fingers in our hands these are not equal. There are different points and different specialist expertise for specific platform. Some are good for raster image; some are good for vector image. Some can be prove handy for photo manipulation; some can be useful for image masking. Let’s get some more idea.

For raster type image, Adobe Photoshop is a good choice. On the contrary, for vector type images adobe illustrator is a good option to use. Before we go to deep discussion I want to ask you a question. Do you know what raster and vector image is? If you don’t, then you need to know it now.

Raster image means the images that are made by pixels. It is the common format that we capture normally. The extensions of these pictures are JPEG, JPG, Png and TIFF etc. These types of pictures prove to be useful when you think about image size. It can capture high resolution image in small size. But it loses its actual resolution by the pass of time. Not only that but also it become transparent when you zoom in a raster photo.

On the other side, vector image is made by lines and graph. This type of pictures is engaged with mathematical terms. Comparably, vector images are bigger in size than raster images.

More importantly, vector images always display the same resolution of image. It doesn’t any matter how old it become. At the same time, you can zoom in it as much as you want. It never gives a fade up look.

That was the comparison between the two types of main image category. Now let’s back to our discussion.

Adobe Photoshop was created based on raster photo editing. Photoshop can help you to edit raster photo the way you like. There are lots of editing options and features are available in Photoshop. You can perform almost all sorts of editing stuff with the help of this awesome app. The entire basic and complex type editing task has covered nicely by this app. You can make selection of specific option and work with it. You can change the image background, remove the background and replace the background. On the other hand, you can also make sketch, add different types of filters and effect.

Other basic editing task has also covered as I mention above. There is an editing panel on the left side with lots of options and features. Adjusting light, shadow, brightness, cropping and resizing the image etc. task can be performed easily by this app. You will be impressed with its great user interface. Adobe Corporation has done a great job at this point of view. It is one of the key reasons behind adobe become so popular. Experts say that, a photo editor software list without mentioning Adobe is remaining incomplete. That’s a great achievement.

That was all about Photoshop now let me to give you an idea about Adobe illustrator. This is another work of excellence from Adobe Corporation. Many of us don’t know that it is older than Adobe Photoshop. It was launched two years before publish of Adobe Photoshop. At the first sight it looks alike adobe Photoshop. There is a big difference between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. As I said in the previous part this is specially designed for vector image. If you are looking for perfect editor for vector image that comes with all the facility. This is the app you are looking for.

All sorts of vector image editing stuff can be done via this application. Anyone can create web button, charts, icon, logo and other things using vector graphics. But as it relates to arithmetical terms you need to be very accurate when altering on vector image. A small piece of mistake can make disturbance in the viewer’s sight.

If you are a logo designer this app is the perfect companion for you. It single handedly can perform hard to harder tasks. Now let’s jump to another great photo editor. Many peoples want to know about it. Here you go.

Pixlr Editor

The next application in our list is Pixlr Editor. Without Adobe other good photo editing applications are also exist. Pixlr is proving it. Basically, this is one kind of online photo editor covering lots of image editing criteria. Generally, online photo editor covers a small amount of are for altering photo. But this is an exceptional case. This tool comes with a different thinking. It has also launched a new version called Pixlr x. This is a great tool to use. Their motto is to introduce a new generation of online photo editor.

The most surprising fact is they launched their new project with cutout tools. Even more surprising fact is it comes with different types of selection options for cut out. Isn’t it great? Obviously this is a great feature to have. Wait, this is not the end. Some more features are also available there. Allow me to introduce.

For altering your photo online via Pixlr, at first you need to go to their homepage. After this, a beautiful page will be displayed. You will find there a few questions. At first, you will notice two types of altering option.
One is for Pixlr and another one is for Pixlr X. Top of the page, there are five types of category.At the left of the top, there are two options web app and mobile app. It is also available for mobile version. At the right of the top there are three types of altering option. Those are free vector editor, free fonts and free graphics. At the middle there comes the main two option Pixlr x and Pixlr. Let me start with the first one, the brand new option ‘Pixlr X’. This is the last addition in their tools. Start the procedure by clicking on Pixlr X. There are numerous options to expose photo. You can open your photo directly from the computer storage or online platform such as Facebook, Instagram can also be used for this purpose. After you open your photo, a handy online photo editor page will be displayed. This comes with a very good user interface. At the left corner, there will be mainly eleven types of editing features. At the top of the table, there are arrange option.

All the things that relates to arranging, you can perform from this option. Image size and size of the canvas can be modified from here. Options are also available for customizing the layer. One can rotate or flip the photograph both in horizontally and vertically. Moreover, layer size can be modified from the left, right, height, width in all way. After this comes the crop button. Height and width can be customized manually from this option. From this comes the cutout part. This is a great and unique feature. This is a special addition in this new update.

Being a free online editing tool the features that it offers is really appreciable. Basically there are four types of tool. Lasso tool, brush tool, shape tools and magic tool. These four tools are mainly available for the selection purpose. Right at the beneath there are two mode, keep and remove.

Below this, features come according to the selection tool like shape, brush and tolerance. One important fact to remember, using the magic tools is not a good choice. It is not as accurate as Photoshop. That’s why it is better to avoid the features. You can choose brush tool or lasso tool. But if you are altering for bringing a specific shape, then you can try shape tool. After this comes the adjustment button.

For the basic type editing this is the main important button to click. All types of color and light correction features are available here. You can control the vibrance, temperature, saturation, tint for customizing the color. Brightness, exposure contrast, Black, white, highlights shadows are available for adjusting the light. Not only this you can also find toning, fill and curves. Curves feature works nicely in this app. That’s why it is called online paint editor.

But the thing is there’s a slide change in the editing procedure. But you need to double click the curves for customization. In the curves, there are four types of channel option like white, red, green and blue.

After the adjustment feature there comes the filter option. It is also one kind of adjustment though. Here are lots of flexibilities also. Like you can use sharpen, brightness, smooth, blur, grain etc. options. Vignettes, fringe, Dehaze, Bloom, Glamour, Posturize, Mosaic filters are also available that relates to photo.

Then the effect button comes. Aladin, Bob, Antoring are some special one to mention. Josh and peters are two great effects to apply. If you want to bring a vintage look in your photo you can use Jean and Lucas effect.

After this feature there are retouch options including heal, clone stamp tool, sharpen and shine tools. Some other features are also available softness, transparency etc. Then it comes to the drawing option. Both the options are available, drawing on pictures or drawing on a white blank sheet.

Later comes the add text option. From the name you can guess its duty. It can help you to add different types of text to your photo. Anybody can include text, quotes; logos to their pic as a symbol of make it unique. There are different types of font style that can help you to create more impression in viewers mind.

Beneath this you will find, add overlay option. This feature allows you to add different types of overlays to the picture. Specially, their rain effect is really awesome. Considering all the facts many claims it as best online photo editor.

That was about Pixlr Editor. A new trend has come in the era of photo editing. It is polarr filter. Do you know about it? Many have heard about it and many haven’t. But only a few people have idea about this topic clearly. Do you want to earn idea in this Let me describe you briefly.

Polar filter is a new term in the image editing platform. It is the way of applying different effects and filters via QR code scan. It sound really strange isn’t it? But this is easy technique to apply for. One doesn’t need to deal with various types of irritating stuff. Then how the altering task can be performed?

Anybody can perform this. What they need to do is collecting QR code of polarr filter for applying. Crop and resize the QR code. After this, open the photo that you want to modify in Polarr app. Choose the filter option and select Import from Gallery. Then select your cropped QR code. Then you can find that your image has been edited. You will find numerous filters in that way. That is not a bad tool to apply for effect.

It is good if you want to apply this technique this is good. But you need to remember two facts. The first thing is you can only sue them for applying filter. That’s a simple and basic type editing. In commercial use, this cannot help you at all.Another thing is sometimes QE code cannot provide the same effect as like as the main image.

Presently you have increased a decent idea about professional photo editor. But do you know what kinds of work can be done with these photo editors? If you don’t, then you must need to know about it first.

We all know that image editing has a wide range of meaning. Any types of changes simple or basic, complex or non-complex can be called as editing. You can edit a specific portion of your image or total image. It’s totally depends on you. You are the king here in your editing kingdom. You can make a slide change or huge difference according to your choice. But for business purpose it is better to keep the thing simple.

Don’t try to change too much that make difference with the real photo. Just assure that photo is looking similar to original feature. Otherwise,you can lose customer trust. That can damage your sells badly. Even business can be ruined.

But if you are a model or photographer, your target is to impress the viewers. In that case, you can make change according to your wish. Even the whole image can be changed. The main key is photo should look mesmerizing. When viewers see it for the first time, your photo should be able to grab their attention. Then you can have a long. At the same time, you can become a handy competitor who is tough to beat.

So, you have understood that importance of photo in the personal and professional area cannot be neglected. But altering photo is not an easy task to do. One needs to have a proper knowledge and guideline in the field of photo editing criteria. Not only that, this is also a time killing task. You need to cost a good amount of time for performing image altering task.



Specially, for the commercial use it is so tough to edit the entire photo by own self. It’s better to give your all focus about to expansion of business. But photo is equaled important that you also need to think about it. Then what is the way of becoming tension free from photo?

An interesting and vastly effective way is available for you. But are you wondering what it is? Let me clarify the point.

Online photo editing service can be the best solution at that point. Your business can be expanded into another level by adapting this service. You don’t need to think about it much and you can focus on your business properly. But what is the specialty and what is the benefit of using online photo editing service? Permit me to narrate the point.

An important thing is one can save his valuable time by this process. More importantly, if you order from experience online photo editor then you can claim some extra benefits. But what are these benefits?

Experienced photo editing service company provides you image with their vast experience. They work for lots of clients and gather huge experience.

Now question can come to your mind that how you can find this type of massively experienced company. The simple answer is CLIPPINGUSA here. But among many other service provider why ClippingUSA?

The first point is their quality. This amazing service provider can help you with their best photo editing service. They have about 6 years of experience. Between these years they have works for some famous companies like Amazon, eBay, Nike, Adidas, Rolex etc. So there is no doubt about their quality.

Another key thing is price tag. Price is one of the most important factors in the commercial area. There should be a decent balance between service quality and price. How it would be if someone offers you best quality at a very cheap cost. Don’t you believe? But ClippingUSA has made it true. You can claim not only the good quality but also the affordable range. What more you are looking for? But wait buddy this is not the end. There are some more interesting things.

One needs to pay for those pictures that can make them happy. Don’t get it? ClippingUSA believe in customer satisfaction. That’s why you don’t need to be a prepaid customer. The payment method of ClippingUSA is postpaid system. One can pay after getting the delivery. Moreover there is monthly payment system. That’s mean place your order happily throughout the months and pay after the end of the month. Can a deal can be greater than that?

So ClippingUSA is providing multiple numbers of facilities. But what’s their working time? When can you place your order? Actually they have lots of client all over the world. Thinking about their all customer they provide 24 hour service. You can place your order anytime from any region. You can place your order any day of the weeks. So, you can ask for service seven days in a week and 24 hours in a day.

What’s the ordering procedure? That’s a very good question you should ask. That’s a very easy and user friendly procedure. Choose which types of services you want to take. Request for a quote and provide the given information.
That’s it readers. You have done your work. Then you need to wait for your delivery. Like I said before, pay the bill when you get your delivery. If you don’t feel happy with their work you can ask for revise. Moreover, discounts are also waiting for your bulk order.

Now we are at the bottom end of our article. Hope it was helpful for you. Now you can take decision effectively and accurately about professional photo editing service. It will help you to expand your business field, if it somehow related to photo.

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