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Beginner’s Guide to how to use masking in Photoshop

How to use masking in photoshop ? It is one of the most effective image altering methods when someone is willing to veil some specific portion and highlight any section. The process is totally non-destructive. To get a professional photo with a premium look, a professional photographer is not well enough. You also need to perform the post production process perfectly.

Photoshop masking is such a method that is more than enough to give a magical touch in a photo. For providing a photo editing to the perfection, Photoshop has a specific feature called masking.

So, what about the usage of Image Masking? This is a creative way of image editing. So, you can use this effective in several ways with your creativity. Some people use this effect to bring a stain free facial appearance, some want make a change in the entire picture.

This is mainly used for soft edges photo. At the time of working on hair, fur type cloth clipping path cannot capture enough details in these case, Masking is the solution here. Even sometimes, it is used along with Clipping Path to give the viewer’s best quality.

When you are working on the hard edges clipping path is the preferred method. But at that point the edges are soft; one should apply masking technique there. If you are willing to work on both soft and hard edges, you have to utilize both of these two techniques.

Then you will be able to get a perfect photo followed by the altering outcome. Do you know that masking own a special effect? It specifically made for the working on the background.

If clipping path technique failed to build the burst image, masking is the effect that used for background that brings an effect to the perfection. When whole background is nearly a specific color, by applying this technique any object can be removed or replaced from the background. Even the edges can be sharpened.

Hard and soft, both the area’s operation can perform via this technique. But it actually depends on the editor how perfectly he is managing to apply the method.

As I mentioned in the above it has a lots of variety.If you are interested to take Photoshop masking service, we are offering all types of masking service.

how to use masking in photoshop
How to use masking in photoshop

Allow me to give you a specific view of different types of masking service:

Layer Masking

It is a popular masking feature of Photoshop. One can hide and reveal any area of the picture with the perfection with this technique. A sharp work is needed to perform this technique. With this single method background and object both can be removed or changed from the imagery.

To perform this image altering technique, one has to draw around the object perfectly followed by select necessary portion of the photo. But this is a bit destructive way. It gives more flexibility to the editors though. After making a permanent change in the image, it can be bring back to its previous primary look. The editors don’t need to put a big effort at this point.

Hair Masking

As I have described it in the above, hair and fur both can distinct from the regular background. If you feel the necessary anyone can apply Color, Exposure, Contrast and White Balance along with the HDR of the photo. It will allow your photo to look it more attractive in its own way. With the professional work all the changes will look natural. You might think about clipping path but for these soft edges it doesn’t make any sense.

Shading, Introduction revision, Splendor these effects according the object type can be applied for masking. It is more sustainable method for hair than any others. That’s masking is always recommended in the tough areas of soft edges.

Transparent Masking

Are you willing to put the object on new background? Then you will hardly find anything better than transparent masking. If your object is different types of glasses or water, object becomes quite invisible by color for the transparency. To make these objects noticeable, transparent masking service is used. Light passes less than 1% by these objects. So, without applying any external effect it is tough to make these object noticeable naturally.

When you are looking to move these subjects on a new background masking is always needed. We provide a solid color background, to make noticeable the subject. Some other objects are also can be defined in this category like Customary acts and Vehicle Glass. Less than 5% mistiness and light passes it successfully. So, it is obvious to make shading on these object, transparency masking is must needed.

Edge Masking

To work on edges with the perfection this type of masking is needed. Basically, two types of elements are used for this technique. Those two are layer mask and refine radius. Objects such as cloth, hair, fur needs some special effect and this method will fill the expectation. You can avail this service from Clipping USA.

Generally, we work with Layer mask first. Then we proceed with refine radius. With these two types of element we able to deliver you a gentle result. We make the view characteristic of any image.

Object Masking

Do you have anything unexpected object in your picture that you want to remove? It’s natural that, many times unwanted elements appeared while taking photo. These situations are really irritating. But, it is not a concern for you anymore to you. With our service, you can remove anything unexpected from the photo. Layer masking can also be used in this case too.

Unwanted object can be removed in many ways. From the alpha channel to Differentiate, Alter brilliance, Presentation and so on can be effective.

Solitary shades background would be the perfect one for this Photoshop masking service.

Color Masking

The last one that you are going to talk about is Color masking technique. If you are expecting to add different types of colors in the picture, then color masking is the perfect choice. A problem appears when you applying color in normal way without masking. It is the hollow line that makes the thing ordinary. But when you are approaching with the color masking technique the hollow line would not be a matter of concern. Because, you can escape from this when you are working with the color masking,

The main advantage of using this feature is its exposure correction. You will get a perfect result when it is about exposure correction. Soft edges are not any concern too.

All through the earth, Photographers, Catalog Designers, Advertising makers are using Photoshop masking service for giving the polishing touch in your photo.

So, there are different perspective and different way to apply masking in the photo editing sectors. According to the object type and requirements one needs to choose which types of masking he is looking for.

I hope after reading this article you has got a clear idea about masking. You can get the full advantage of masking by taking our service.

To regard our quality of photoshop masking service you can try a free trial. It will give you an idea about our quality too.

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