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Change Color In Photoshop

Changing the color of a picture is more than necessary for a photographer, model and E-commerce business owner. Do you want to learn how to change the color of a picture in Photoshop? You are just at the right page. In this article, I am going to reveal some secretes procedure that only a few persons know. Read the whole article carefully and master the art of changing background in Photoshop.

Let’s dive into the tutorial section.

For your convenience I am dividing the tutorial into different small steps. So, let’s get started.

To change color in Photoshop at first you have to select the color specifically that you are willing to change. I am going to teach you how you can do this with color range

change color in Photoshop
change color in Photoshop

Start with creating a new layer by clicking here.

After creating the layer go to the color range option from the select at the top.



Then a new dialogue box will be appeared. At this stage, you need to select the color that you want to change.

You need to be familiar with these three options. The first arrow is indicating the preview option. You can preview the selection in these three four option. Grayscale is my recommendation here.

You will be able to inspect better in Grayscale mode. The second arrow is showing fuzziness. If you increase the value it will give a brighter view. By making this number decrease, object can be viewed more clearly.

The 3rd arrow is showing the color that you are picking. There are both options for manually picking sample color or automatic chooses any color.

One more feature to know. Hit on this icon to choose color on a continuous basis.

I am picking the background as sample color as I am looking for change the background color in Photoshop.

Things are looking pretty good here. Everything in white will be selected.

Press ok when you feel that you have made the things white that you are wishing for change shade.

After hitting ok the picture is looking like this.

It was the tough part now you can easily change the color using hue saturation. It will enable you to bring varities in your picture.

Open this feature from the layer.

From this adjustment layer it is possible to bring lots of change in the background just in few second.

Let’s show some example.

Just by changing the value of the hue, saturation and lightness you will be able to change the background color easily.  That sounds really good. Isn’t it?

Now let’s change the color of the dress.

I am turning this layer off and put the layer 1 top. The procedure is quite same here. We just need to choose the color of the dress as sample.

Go to the color range option once again and pick the sample color that you are willing to change shade.

After picking the color hit OK.

Then create a new adjustment layer of hue and saturation in the previous way. Simply change the value of hue and saturation and there will be change in the background.

At this stage, you have control on both backgrounder and foreground color. By clicking two adjustment layers you can change both background and foreground color in Photoshop.

It was the easy process of changing the color in Photoshop.

Now let me give you some quick tips and tricks that will help you to do the procedure if changing color in Photoshop in a better way:

1.     While working with hue and saturation don’t forget to take adjustment layer.

2.     If you feel that something has include the selection that you want to exclude click on the mask thumbnail along with pressing ALT. Then make the portion black with brush tool.

3.     In color range mode, preview the object in Grayscale mode. It will give you a better experience.

4.     When you find it tough to select the object color increase/decrease the fuzziness. It will make the procedure bit comfortable.

5.     Every time you work with a new color take a new adjustment layer.

That’s all. From now on, you will be able to change color of any picture with ease. You will be able to utilize your preferred color for any picture. Doesn’t matter you need to change background color or the foreground. You are known to each procedure. Thanks for reading.

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