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Amazon Image Requirements | The Ultimate Guide To Product Image Requirements

Amazon has jumped to a special level that, we don’t need to introduce specifically what is Amazon. But for your further knowledge, let me inform you some fact about it. It is the largest e-commerce platform in the world.

Amazon has taken e-commerce to another level. It was founded on long time back in 1994 by Jeff Bezos .But it was not as big as now it is. After 3 years of its foundation it went public in 1997. At the very beginning it was used for selling music and videos.

Then it began to sell books. In 1998, Amazon also started selling video games, software, kid’s toys, Household items etc. Nowadays it has become largest e-commerce platform. According to a recent research more than 3 million small and medium size United States businesses are selling their product on this platform. Can you imagine that? If 3 million in just USA then how would be in the entire world?

I think you can understand the competition. You can obviously get engaged with lots of customer in this largest platform. You can sell your entire product in short period of time. But it is not an easy task at all. You need to be at your best for giving a fight. For stay in the race you need to maintain some criteria. In this article we are going to discuss about one of the most important criteria. We will also provide you some bonus idea. If you want to increase your sells and want to become more successful then this article will be very helpful for you. So let’s proceed to its main topic.

Do you know, what is the most important fact for E-commerce business? Undoubtedly it is image. Image plays the most important role in e-commerce business. Even some experts believe that, in e-commerce business image is more important than product quality. Cause, your customer will not see your product in reality. They have to make a decision by viewing on online. When customer sees your product they should feel that, “yes that is for me”. Your product image needs to become convincing.

I hope you can understand the importance of image in Amazon and others e-commerce platform. Amazon also knows how important image is. That’s why Amazon has some image requirement rules. Are you also related to Amazon? Are you in confusion about which types of image should you use? Let me clear all of your confusion.

Amazon Image Technical Requirement

The most important and basic thing is you need to follow Amazon Technical Image Requirement. There are some specific basic rules for Amazon. You need to follow these rules strictly. Let me explain these rules one by one.

  • At the very first you need to concentrate on your image format. Image format should be TIFF, JPEG, GIF and PNG format.
  • Assure that you have used proper image format. Then you need to focus on Image Pixel Dimension. The image you are using its dimension should be at least 1000 or you can use larger. But never try shorter than 1000. This is preferred for both height and width.
  • You also need to think about color mode. You can use RGB and CMYK color mode.
  • File name is another key factor. Many people ignore this by mistake. But file name is very important for Amazon. The name you are using needs consisting the product identifier such as Amazon ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN or UPC. Don’t forget to appropriate the file extension like A000654321.jpg or 0123458796.tif
  • If you use space, dashes or additional characters in the filename, your image will not appear in online. So you need to be very careful about that.

Standard for product image on Amazon

For pictures named by item identifier without a variation code or named with the MAIN variation, and show as the fundamental picture on the item detail page, Amazon keeps up the accompanying site item picture guidelines. I will explain this to you. Let’s proceed,

• The image you are using should be covering the product that you are using for sells. Any kinds of drawings or manipulation of the product is not allowed on Amazon.

• Your image should not contain any kinds of external objects.

• Your image needs to be focused, professionally tight, captured or scanned with realistic color and smooth edges.

• The front cover art should be the books, Music or Video/DVD. Remember to fill 100% of the image frame. Also need to remember that promotional stickers are not allowed.

• Your remaining products should fill at least 85% or more of the image frame.

• The background you are using should be pure white. One more important fact, you cannot add any kinds of external text, graphics or inset images.

• Any sorts or offensive and adult materials are strictly prohibited. Amazon is very alert in this case.

• Your image needs to remove after your product being sold. So be very careful about that.

• You can use other objects to help buyers understand then use. But you cannot use irrelevant objects.

• You cannot use cropped image. You also use the image that is too close.

• You cannot use environment on your background. If you do, perhaps your image will not be visible in online.

That was the basic Amazon product image requirement. But how can you apply these methods on your business field? There are 5 special bonus tips and tricks available to increase your sells. If you also want to take advantages, then proceed forward.



In E-commerce business you cannot tolerate any kinds of compromise about product image. One of the main ideas we get from Amazon product image requirement is image background. Amazon is very careful about what customers want to see and what they don’t want to see. That’s why they are very strict about image background. You can apply clipping path service for making background as like as Amazon required.

amazon image requirements
amazon image requirements

We have point out five tips for you. You can apply them to your business field.

  • Bonus Tips 1:Always use the original image. Many do mistake at this point. Just be simple. Don’t try to edit things too much. Amazon doesn’t like it absolutely so does the customer. Keeps your image looks like natural.
  • Bonus Tips 2: Try to use different photos of products. Amazon hasgiven you the facility of posting several photos. Then why shouldn’t you take the advantage? More photos can give more clear details. The more you can give explanation of your product. More people get engaged with you. The more people get engage with chance of selling your product also increase. Capture photos from different angel.
  • Bonus tips 3: Use the entire Image. Your product should be captured in full view. Be careful either some portion of your product is missing. According to Amazon requirement you need to fill 100% frame. Don’t capture your image from a far distance. If you do so, your image looks smaller than original. Customers can found it difficult to notice your product when you take a far short.
  • Bonus tips 4:Give enough information about your image.Always remember that Clarity is the power. The more you become specific. The more audience has the clarification. When buyers know what exactly the product is, what’s its benefit, How to use it, motive comes in their mind to buy it. So, always give proper information.
  • Bonus tips 5:Always use professional photographer for capturing and editing image. If the images you are using look dull, you cannot convince customer to buy it. Doesn’t matter how good your product is. On the other hand, if you present an average product nicely, surely it will manage some sells. Your overall image should to be looked natural, appealing and convincing.

That’s the end of tips section. Now let me give some answer of frequently asked question. Let’s move forward.

  • How to take product pictures for Amazon?

For taking amazing picture try to capture your product photos in white background. If you failed to do so then you can use clipping path service. Don’t capture from too far or don’t try to capture from too close distance. Capture from a moderate distance. Your product should cover full frame. Don’t keep most portion of photo contains white background. Rather than you can take a little bit close shot.

  • What is Amazon product image size?

According to Amazon latest requirement, maximum acceptable file size is 10 MB. When it comes about resolution, 72 pixels per inchare acceptable. Minimum dimension ofPhoto added through sells are acceptable 200 × 200 pixels, Photos added through listing loader dimension of one side should be at least 200 pixels. Other side can be less than it.
 What is maximum dimension for product image?
In the case of Image added through sells 2000 × 2000 pixels are acceptable. But for image added by listing loader can up to 10000 × 10000 pixels. Maximum image dimension ratio is 5 to 1 for the both.

  • How many images can you have on Amazon?

Many people think about how many image they should upload. But there are no specific criteria. You can upload as much as you want. But four is enough I think. You can add more if you want. Amazon want that sellers give photos from different angel. That’s why they don’t fix any specific criteria. But keep in mind that repeating same photo from same angel can be cautious to your business. Because it can makes audience feel bored.

  • How to edit listing and product information on Amazon?

For editing listing and product information you need to go Inventory link first. Then click on Manage Inventory. After this, you have to find the listing that you want to edit. You can also make rapid changes using the boxes in the column for Availability and Price. If you want to edit others part, click edit on the far right or you can select edit from the drop-down menu. In the later part, enter the new information. You can also change more than one product at a time. For this, choose Manage Inventory from Inventory menu. Then click on Add a product on the top right of the page and choose then you have to choose List many products via bulk upload.

That was all about Amazon Product Image Requirement. If you want to know further more details feel free to contact us. Stay with us.

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