- Which Online Photos Editors Replace Colors?
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Image is a great media to express your emotion. One single image can tell a story without using any words. Do you know what is the main component of image? I think its is none other than color. Want to replace color from your image by using online photo editing software? Sounds interesting, right?

In this article, you are going to find out which online photo editors replace colors. For your convenience I will also describe step by step process how can you do this. There are several online photo editors are available that offer the feature of replacing color. As we all know we can’t get standard quality from everywhere. Who doesn’t want to have option in hands? To make you happy, I have point out three best online photo editors to replace the color from photo.

What is the postponement then?Let’s get started.

#01. Luna pic

When you are willing to replace the color from your image, Luna pic will not upset you. Overall, it is one of the best online photo editors.You can target specific color of an image via this tool. This is not a tough task, neither you need to be a professional photo editor to perform this process. Allow me to narrate.

Firstly, open the website.

Which Online Photos Editors Replace Colors | Photo editorial

After this upload your image from the option “upload”after uploading the image you will find an interface like this.

Which Online Photos Editors Replace Colors Beautiful Photobooks‎

After this, open the color adjust option from here

Which Online Photos Editors Replace Colors Website to Recolor Images Online

Then, you can find an interface like this. Click on the pick color option and you will find how you can replace the color.

Which Online Photos Editors Replace Colors change the color of a picture online

I am clicking on the yellow and see how the color get replaced.

Which Online Photos Editors Replace Colors Edit And Replace Colors In Your Photos

You can also change the opacity of the effect from the top of the bar. What can be an easier way than this?Let’s jump to our next online tool.

#02. Pixlr

This is another popular online image editing tool. This online image editing platform is covering a wide area of photo editing. Along with other basic photo editing feature, color replacement option is also available in it.Let me show you how to do this.”PIXLR

Firstly, you have to visit their homepage and open the image that you want to edit. In the 2nd step you have to choose color replacement option from the side bar. After picking the option you have to select your desired color from the color picking option.The next step is little different from the previous option.In this step, you have to do the color adjustment by yourself.After choosing the color, start brushing over the area where you want to replace the color. Then save the image. The outline recognition of this tool is pretty good.But it doesn’t provide auto color replacement option. But still this is a good choice to pick this online photo editor.

#03. PHIXR

This is third and the last online photo editing tools in our list. PHIXR is a great choice for you if you want to change the color of your picture. Moreover, you have the option to select any area individually. But the bad thing is accurate selection tool is not available. Then how you can do the selection? A squarish selection tool is available to perform the job.For this reason, you don’t get the proper color shade in the ultimate stage. You have to do adjustment in the ultimate stage.

Let me show you the process briefly.At first, visit the homepage. After this hit on the start button to upload your image in PHIXR. Later on,find the color balance icon from the left and click on this. After clicking on this, you can change the color shade of the complete image.But if you want to change color of specific portion then you have to hold your mouse and drag it over the area where you want to perform color replacement.

That’s it. Hope that you have got your answer. Choose which one is more convenient for you. Thanks for being with us. Stay tuned. If you want to check our professional color correction service, you can take our free trial now.We are available for 24 hours to give you the best experience.

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