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Photo Editing In Sketch
Photo Editing In Sketch

It seems you are scrolling for photo editing in sketch. Don’t need to scroll anymore. In this article, you can know about a basic tutorial about how you can edit your photo in sketch. Lots of sector in our daily life we need to use sketch. In the past people used to make sketches by pencils.Time has changed now. People wants to be digital. In present time you don’t need to have paper and pencil for drawing a sketch. You can don’t need to have extra ordinary knowledge for photo editing service. If you read this post carefully you will be able to create a sketch.

Before I start, I want to mention that this tutorial is based on Photoshop. Let’s proceed deep.

At the starting, you need to create a new document. But what would be ideal properties? Okay I am explaining. Set your width to 1920 height to 1080 and set the resolution to 72 Pixel per Inch. Color mode should be RGB color and set the background contents to white.

In second part, go to file option and choose place embedded. After this chooses the desired photo that you want to customize. Then press ALTR + SHIFT for adjusting the photo. Adjust it according to your expectation and then press ENTER. Now you have to do an important part.By making rights click from your mouse and choose convert to Smart object. Then you can delete your background layer.

Later part, copy your current layer. Then change the preset blend mode to blend mode to color dodge. Then you have to apply the invert option by creating invert adjustment layer. Then select the invert layer and then again press your right mouse, choose create clipping mask. Your layer details should be almost disappeared then. After this part, go to filter option and choose Gaussian blur and set the Pixel to 8x. Then change the color to black and white.

Then you will notice that your entire layer will be changed into black and white. After this you need to choose the 2nd layer and add adjustment layer. It will also be added automatically on clipping mask. Then go to level and adjust the RGB option. Now the primary task is over. It’s time to move on next step.

Now, you need to add some details. Now you have to make an Image Layer. Now place this layer on the above and duplicate it 4 times by pressing CTRL + J. Now select the first layer. Then go to filter option and choose filter gallery. Then you need to choose sketch graphic pen. Let me inform you the perfect properties. Stroke length should be 15 and dark/light balance should be 50. Then set stroke direction right diagonal.

Now, you have to do some finishing task. For keeping black lines and removing white areas you can apply multiply mode. In the later part you need to change the opacity. Reducing the opacity to 10% is the best option. Now you will get a better view of your black and white image. But your job is not completed fully.

In the later step, you have to select layer 2. After this you need to select charcoal filter from the filter option. You can add some charcoal filter by this technique.

But what the value should you choose? Set the charcoal thickness to 5, Set the details also same like thickness. Now set the light dark balance to 85. Now once more time you need to change the blend mode. Set it to multiply with layer opacity 10%. Now you need to go to filter gallery once again. This time you need to choose colored pencil from artistic. This time set the measurement: Pencil Width 4, Stroke Pressure 8 and paper brightness 25.

Now you have to work on layer 4. Go to filter gallery and choose glowing edges. You can find this from stylize option. Change the edges width to one. The set the brightness to 14, after this you need to set the smoothness to seven.That time you will notice outline with black areas.

Do you want outlines in black area? Then you need to add invert adjustment layer along with clipping mask. After doing all of these, you can blend all of the layers. This time change the opacity 50% to 70% in accordance with picture need. Then you need to group all layers and change their color red. This section is done. But you need to do a few more stuff dear.

Now you need to do testing and adjustments. For that purpose you need to make some change on skin details. For doing so, select the second layer and hide B/W layer. Now you will be able to reveal the colors. In this way you will a colorful sketch 3rd effect. You can try to hide invert layer too.Then you will get external 4theffect. Point to be noted here that density of layer can also be controlled from Gaussian Blur value. You can find this option from Image Copy layer. You have the option to mix all the parts together to get the best effect. You can also control the outline opacity from above layer.

Now you can apply all the entire effect on a new image in seconds. For doing this, you need to double click on any thumbnail. After this drag and drop your picture. Save it by pressing CTRL+S. Then get back to main document. Are you surprised? I know obviously you are.

That was the tutorial of making a sketch by Photoshop. If you are a newbie photo editor, I hope it will help you for creating sketch.

For your further knowledge let me inform you some more fact about creating sketch. If someone wants to get sketch he should read this part too.

As creating sketch manually is a time-consuming task. Many people think about to get sketches from automatic software. But this is not the right approach at all. With the help of some apps perhaps you will be able to get sketches. But it cannot fulfill your expectation ever. If you want to utilize this for professional purpose you can’t think about getting this automatically. You need to do it manually by yourself for the best result. Moreover, when it is about commercial use, it’s better to do it by any professional.

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