- How to remove background from photo only 4 steps
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Once upon a time, having distracting element in the picture was matter of a concern.But photo editing has changed the scenario. Now, one can easily remove background from a picture. But how to do this?

I am here to teach you the lesson. Read the article till the end and learn the process. Don’t need to be tensed. This is not a skiddy task at all. For your convenience, I am going to provide step by step guide line. Get ready to learn the process.

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Step 01: Open the picture and Unlock Layer
In the first step, we will open the picture. Typically, after the opening we found the layer locked. So, we also have to unlock the layer.

Have a look at the layer, it is locked. To unlock it double click on it.
This dialogue box will appear. Simple press OK to complete the process.

Now the layer is unlocked and we can remove the background from it. Let’s jump into the next step.

Step 2: Primary Selection

At this step, we have to make the primary selection. Multiple options are available to select the object. Let’s do it with the pen tool. It gives accurate result when it comes to the selection.

Pick the pen tool from this option. Then zoom in the picture and start generating path.

Start from the below side and create path around the object. When you come to the hair area keep some space and continue selecting. You have to select the object in this way.

Hit on the right button and make selection.
After that, you will find the picture in this form.

Step 03: Create New layer
After this press CTRL+J from the keyboard then your selection parts will be copied into a new layer. Then disable the previous layer by clicking on here.
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Step 04: Pick Background Eraser tool
In this step, we have to pick the background eraser tool. Pick the tool from here,

After picking the tool make sure that you have set the setting properly.
From the top of the left, side set the option into sampling once. After this, set the limits to discontinuous. At the right side you will find tolerance option. There is no specific value to set for this feature.We need to change the value of this according to the picture type. Let me show you how to do this.

Zoom on the area where you want to remove the background. Click and hold the mouse then drag it over the background area. After finishing that part,go to the hair area and apply the same process.

If you find that object is also erasing along with background then decrease the value of the tolerance and try again.In this step, remove whole background from the picture.Let’s have a look after background removing.

Want to add a plain color background with this? Sounds good. So, lets start the process of adding a color background.Click on the solid color and it will add a new layer.

After this, you will find color picking option and set your preferred color.
Later on,you will find the picture on the color background.
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