- How To Edit iPhone Photos To Look Professional
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How To Edit iPhone Photos To Look Professional
How to edit iPhone photos to look professional

iPhone camera has earned good fame among people who are interested in photography. Using an iPhone one can capture photos professionally. But real beauty of a photography doesn’t in the photography only. It is the photo editing that decide how much attractive and professional your image going to look. So, photo editing is compulsory to bring a professional look in the picture. Do you know how to edit iPhone photos to look professional? If not, then you are just at the right place.

In a few minutes, you are going to learn the process of editing iPhone photos professionally. Read this article till the end and gain the knowledge. For sure, this is going to be an interesting process for every photography loving people.

So, lets get started.

Download Photo Editor

To edit a photo professionally in iPhone you have to download and install a powerful Photo editing software in your iPhone. Are you confused which photo editors to choose? I’m here to assist you in this case. Install SnapSpeed for your iPhone from here.

SnapSpeed will assist you for professional photo editing in iPhone.The best thing about this photo editor is it gives you accurate control on exposure.

Now let’s move into the process.

Correct Color and Exposure

To edit photos like professional, you have to make correction in the color and exposure. Go to the tool option from the SnapSpeed app. Choose the “Tune Image” option from top of the left. Inside this option you will find brightness, saturation, Contrast, Ambiance, Highlights, Shadows, Warmth etc. By changing these values, you can improve color and exposure of the photo in a great attractive way.

Now allow me to inform you how these change effect on your image. From brightness you can make the image look dark or bright. Contrast control the difference between light and dark. To change vibrant of the color saturation is used. If you want to control contrast and color saturation at the same time, then you should adjust Ambiance. Shadows gives you control over the dark area. Warmth adjustment bring a slightly orange like look. To adjust these features swipe left or right in your screen. At the top of your screen you will be able to see values.

To bring other tuning image options swipe up and down. When you are satisfied with your image, hit on the apply.

White Balance

After adjusting fine tuning, you have to go to the white balance option from the tool. In the white balance option, you will notice two types of adjustable option basically. The first one is temperature and the second one is tints option. Temperature control cooler and warmer balance of the picture. Tints is related with green and pink color of the picture. Proper use of white balance setting can bring a great look in your picture.

Edit Details

You will find an option named details beside the fine tuning. Go to this and you will find two types of option. First option is named as structure that provides a good result for details. The second one is sharpening. Sharpening bring a clear look in the picture but at the same time it also reduces the quality of the picture. Actually, it uses grain to remove noise. You can use this feature to bring a bright look in the picture. But use it in limitation. Otherwise, it will decrease the quality of your picture.let me give you a golden tip. Zoom in the picture when you are using the tool in details. Then you will give you precise idea about the picture quality. For zooming in put your two fingers on the screen and tweak outwards.

Non-Destructive Editing

Do you know that SnapSpeed offer non-destructive editing?At the top of the screen you will notice there is a button called edit history. From this option, you can undo and redo your editing history. All the steps of your editing are also available in the top. Here, you can go back to any previous steps directly. Basically, you can find three types of option from the list. Those three are Trash, sliders and brush.After finishing your work, hit on the back button to go back.

Improving Composition

Now, this is a crucial stage of editing iPhone photos to look professional. Without proper composition a photo never gets a professional look what so ever. Crop, perspective and rotating option can help you in this case.

Firstly, choose crop option from the editing menu and delete the edges of your photo from corners. This process is performed to remove unwanted object from the list. SnapSpeed also gives you the option to choose aspect ratio and crop your photo in the specific dimension.Don’t take this step lightly. Tough most of the beginners think that cropping is a simple step. Get the right idea of which portion to crop from which picture is really tough.

Without a straight horizon, photos never look professional what so ever.SnapSpeed assist you with its automatic rotating option by analyzing your image.It automatically rotate and straight photo. My recommendation is to do it manually.

Cause, a few times it failed to give accurate rotation.To do it manually, swipe your finger over the image and use grid line to get proper idea about composition. Make sure that you are not losing any important object from the picture. But still perspective may become a problem. We will fix it in this step.Using tilt option from the below to make the composition right. Stay alert about the blank area that generates in the sides.

Clean Up Photos

In this point, you will learn how to clean up photos using SnapSpeed. For cleaning up an image, the first tool that you can use is healing tool. With this tool, you can use delete or eraser unnecessary things from your image. It can enhance the beauty of your image at the same time you will get a crystal-clear look in your photo. Thinking about the accuracy of this tool?This is almost perfect for erasing small item, spots or mark.Especially, when you are working on a plain background you will get accurate result.

In SnapSpeed, an option is available called portrait. This is a great option for portrait photo editing. It automatically brightens face, make the skin smooth, correct eye color.

Selective Photo editing

Want to edit your photo separately based on various area? Then this section is only for you. In previous stages, our editing steps effect on the whole picture. For professional editing sometimes, you have edit photos separately.

Suppose, you want different types of brightness and color for individual section. Brush tool of SnapSpeed will assist you in this case. Mark the area with the brush tool that you want to modify.After that, you will be able to adjust selected area.Tap on the eye icon to see the changes that you have made. There are several types of brush options is available. Like dodge and burn brush. If you think that you have done any mistake and want to delete your editing Eraser option is available.

Selective Colors

This option allows you to pick color separately. In this way, you can change

Brightness and contrast based on the color. When someone is willing to modify a specific area with separate color, this is a great tool to use.

Mask tool

Do you want to be more specific and present your picture in details? Then you should go for mask tool. By selecting mask, you can precisely select an area. Then you can modify the area as like as you want. You can only apply your filter only in certain area.

That’s all for today. I hope at this point you have learned how to edit iPhone photos to look professional. For professional photo editing service don’t hesitate to contact with Clipping USA. Thanks for being with us.

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