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How To Do Shoe Clipping Path

Hey, are you related with shoe business or advertising? Then this article, is specially for you. In product photography, background is a great matter of concern as it can be the cause of distraction.That’s why isolating the shoe from the background can be an effective solution. But how to do that? That’s the topic this article is all about. In a few minutes, you are going to know how to do shoe clipping path in photoshop.

This an easy process and by following these simple steps given below anyone can do it. Let’s make a dive and jump to the steps.

Step 01: Open The picture

At the very first, you have to open the picture in photoshop. To open a picture, go to the open option and choose the picture from your desired location. In this tutorial, I am going to use this image for doing shoe clipping path.

tutorial 01

Now, you have to pick the pen tool. Lets see in the next step how to do this.

Step 02: Pick the pen Tool

Pen tool is the best option to perform clipping path. We are going to create vector path and capture the boundary area of the shoes.

tutorial 02

To do so,click on hereon the pen tool. After doing this it will enable the path creating option.

tutorial 03

Step 03: Zoom in the picture and start Creating Path

After you zoom in the picture start creating vector path around the object.

tutorial 04

Pick a side and start covering the shoe. You have to remember that you have to end just at the point where you start. From my own perspective, it is better to start from the below side. You can start from anywhere you feel comfortable.Allow me to show you some trick how you can select your object with the perfection.

tutorial 06

For selecting the curved area like this, press & hold the mouse. If the direction goes in the wrong way, press the point along with pressing ALT and place it on the proper alignment. Then again continue creating line.

tutorial 07

If the vector path goes inside the object, you can put it in the right direction by pressing on the point along with CTRL. After this, again continue drawing your vector path and finish on the starting point.After the completion, the shoe is going to provide a look like this.

tutorial 08

Step 04: Turn your path into selection

At this step, it is the to bring up the selection mode. To do so, click the right button and hit on this option.

tutorial 10

After clicking on this, the object will be selected. But as we are going to remove the background, we need to make the selection inverse. In this case, press CTRL + SHIFT + I to inverse the selection. Then simply press delete from the keyboard and the background will be removed. But inside the shoe some parts are still having the background. So, we have to refine it.

Step 05: Refine the object

Zoon the picture and inspect where the background is still present. Again create path on that area and remove background in the previous way.

tutorial 11

Do it multiple times if needed but make sure that no part of the background is present in the background.

tutorial 12

Next to this step, it is the time to correct the position of the shoe. Let’s do it.

Step 06: Bring the object in Correct position

In the sixth step, we have to bring the shoe in proper alignment.

tutorial 13

This type of presentation isn’t looking eye catchy. To make the object movable click on the arrow from the top of the left side bar. Later on, press CTRL+T from the keyboard to enable free transform option. Then rotate the object in the straight direction like this.

tutorial 14

Can you guess what more correction we need to do? Yes, you have got it right. Ther are some yellowish marks still available in the picture. Lets remove those mark. Zoom in the picture and take the clone stamp tool.

tutorial 15

Press ALT and click on a area to take sample then click on the yellow shadow like area. Do it for several times and make the yellow portion white like the remaining parts.

tutorial 16

This is an important step, you cant afford to underrate this step. Take some time but do it with the excellence. After the progression your object should give a look like this.

tutorial 17

That’s the process.In this way, you can do shoe clipping path. Hope you have enjoyed whole process.Stay tuned with us for more awesome photo editing tutorial. To get high quality photo editing service, click on the free trial or ask for a quote.Thanks everyone.

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