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Landscape photography is one of the most interesting types of photography. People who like to do adventure in nature, landscape photography will be the best profession for them. Do you also love to be lost in nature? Then this article is specially for you. In this article, you are going to know how to become a professional commercial landscape photographer.Sounds interesting, isn’t it. Read this article till the end and grab all information.

Let’s get started.

Before we jump to the getting started steps, you ought to know essential facts.First of all, be ready to do hard work. Your journey of becoming a professional landscape photographer won’t be easy. It may take a lengthier time than your expectation.But the good thing is the result is going to mesmerizing if you reach your destination.

Every photographer wants to be successful but only a few people can make it. Do you know who is going to achieve it? Who gives his effort properly, at the end of the day he will be in the row of successful people. A sad truth is, all of us wants to be successful but no one want to put their effort. If you put your effort in the right way, obviously you are going to achieve it.

Okay, you have known the truth to become a commercial professional landscape photographer.

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Step 01: Know the Camera

This is the first step of becoming a professional photographer. This is the universal rule for any genre of photography. Without knowing the camera properly, it is never possible to become a commercial photographer. Knowing the Camera is not just about pressing the shutter button.You ought to know about both inside and outside of the camera. Learn the camera and its gear. Know camera settings properly.Do various types of experiment. Out of your comfort zone. Capture photos in different light condition.While shooting, never depends on the Auto mode. I know, at the starting you will find it tough to work with the Manual mode. Practicing on a daily basis will make you perfect.

Step 02:Master the Composition

In the second step,you have to master the composition. But do you know what is composition?It denotes the artistic eye of the photographer.How to better the composition? You have to develop your visions an artist to do that. It is nothing but be able to create a story inside your photo that is interesting to see.

Many people used to apply the rule of thirds to make the composition better.Rule of third is a better idea but not the best. You should learn the golden ration. It will give you the best option to present a picture. Don’t be tensed it is not difficult at all. Golden ratio is almost same to the rule of thirds. But this is slight nearer to the middle. In landscape photography, this is must necessary to place the scenario properly to create a story.

Step 03: Build Your Portfolio

This is one of the most important steps to become a commercial landscape photographer. Your portfolio is the reflection of your standard. So, you have to make sure that you are keeping this high. To build the portfolio you have to go outside. This is the step where you have to prove yourself exceptional from others.You have to capture exceptional scenario.

Can you remember, what I have mention at the starting? Everyone wants to be successful, only a few put the effort.You can take best landscape photos in the uncomfortable weather. Get out in the rainy days. Shoot the clear sky after the rain. Capture the rainbows, include sunrise and sunset in your portfolio. Capture the green essence of the nature. Do adventure and be lost in the nature. Show your artistic vision. Many photographers want to know that how many photos they should include in the portfolio? My recommendation is to add about 25 photos in the portfolio.

Step 04: Market Yourself

After you create your portfolio it is the time to marketing yourself. You can take help of the social media at this point. Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, Pinterest are some good platform to publish your work for free. You can also share your work on different stock photo sites. While marketing yourself you have to target your audience first. Then showcase your talent on their interest. You can also create your own website. All professional commercial landscape photographer has their own website.You can also follow this trick.But while doing this don’t just share your website links randomly. Try to maintain the quality and establish yourself as a brand.

Those steps can make yourself a professional commercial landscape photographer. Let me finish with some bonus tips.

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Bonus Tips

The journey of becoming a professional landscape photographer is not going to be easy as you expect.It will take some time. Don’t be frustrated. Hold your nerves and go with the flow. When marketing yourself in social media, don’t do any hurry. You can’t expect to get thousands of followers in a quick time.Keep uploading quality photos, you will get your result.

One more thing, don’t just always keep asking something from your followers.Provide them quality photos and they will understand your values. Then they will have trust in you.

That’s it for today. Hope you have got all the necessary information of how to Become A Professional Commercial Landscape Photographer. Now, its up to you how you can execute the plan. Thanks for being with us. Stay tuned to get more photography tips and tricks. Best of luck for your photography journey.

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