- How Do Professional Photographers Print Their Pictures
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How Do Professional Photographers Print Their Pictures

Printing is one of the most important parts of photography. Though people are using digital images more often than print copy nowadays.But still printing pictures is an important matter in photography. When you are willing to make your photo album you have to print your pictures anyway. Are you enthusiastic to know about the process? Let me show you how do professional photographers print their pictures.Beginners are also going to find this post helpful as I am going to cover some important topics for beginners.Why we are making delay then? let’s get started immediately.

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Choose Appropriate File Format

To print pictures like professional this is the first step to follow. You have to make sure that you are using proper file format.Different types of file format indicate different types of printing instruction to the printer. File format of photoshop, Microsoft word, Adobe In Design are not supported by most of the printers. So, which file format is the best option for printing pictures? To have a better experience in printing you ought to go for JPEG. Uncompressed TIFF file format will give you the best experience for printing photograph.

Perform Color Management properly

After you choose accurate file format you should also do the color management in the right way. When you are seeing your digital image in the computer you are seeing this in RGB color mode. But most of the printers print pictures using CMYK color mode. In this case, you ought to change the color in CMYK form. But some printers use 6 colors to print pictures. For these devices, toucan use RGB form. If you don’t follow this procedure, do you know what will happen?

You will see a color in your computer screen, but the color in your printed photograph will be different. To avoid it, you must follow this step.

Keep the resolution high

Without high resolution it is never possible to get a nice resolution picture. But unfortunately, most of the beginner photo editors make this mistake. If you also make the same mistake you are going to be end up with a blurry image. That is not good at all.Never ever make compromise with the picture resolution what so ever.

But do you know what is the decent resolution? Just increasing the size of the digital image will not be enough. You should set right dpi (dot per inch). It indicates the amount of ink to be printed in each inch.To get the highest printing quality image you should set the number to 300dpi. Setting a resolution lower than this can be the cause of your resolution loss. Cause, this is the highest number of resolutions that a printer can maintain. Setting a higher resolution than this will just increase size of the picture. It will not effect on the resolution. Otherwise, the picture will not look professional in the blurry touch.

Low resolution will effect on the printing quality.It can be the cause of showing visible pixels in the picture. That is disturbing to see for the viewers. It looks so unprofessional too.So, keep this in your mind to print your pictures like professional photographers.

Choosing right Photo paper

Do you know why the printed pictures of professional photographers look so elegant?Cause, they cover each and every point with the perfection that is related to printing pictures.Choose the right photo paper is also a key thing to get the photo that looks great. Different types of paper thick or thin, coated or undercoated has different properties of printing. Purchasing the expensive one is not the best choice always.Depending on which types of photo you are going to print, you have to decide the paper quality. Let me give you a suggestion here.

If you are looking for high definition image,you should use coated paper. Coated paper gives the printed photo a crystal-clear look. When you print your image in normal undercoated paper, you are going to end up with a messy look. So, you can bring an extra special look by using coated paper.

Using Bleed Properly

To print your picture like professional photographer, you ought to have a proper idea about bleed. Bleed indicates the boundary area of the picture after printing. Without using the bleed option properly, your printed image will not cover the full area of your paper. So, keep this in your mind and uses the bleed option according to your needs.

That’s it for today. The thing is your job is not done after taking the picture. You should handle all the things properly till the printing of the image. That’s all you have to follow to print your pictures like professional photographers. By following these techniques, you can also follow the same route and can get the same results. Best of luck for you.By the way, if you want to enhance the beauty of your image, you can try our professional image editing services.Want to have an experience about the quality? Free trial is available for you. It will take only a few minutes.Let’s have a try.

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