- How can photo editing in photoshop like a professional
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Perhaps you are looking for photo editing. You have landed on a safe place. In this post can know about all the key things of photo editing. This article is going to be very helpful for you if you want to know about photo editing. You will gain a brief idea about photo editing.

Are you dealing with image-related business? If you are engaged with an E-commerce business, graphics design, logo making, Clothing Product Business, Modeling, and Photography, then you have to deal with lots of images daily. But the images that are you using is it perfect?

I want to make a note here. Do you know what I mean by perfect image? If you know, then okay fine. But if you don’t know do not need to do worry. I’m here to explain you all the basic things. Perfect photo means photo that cover the all basic requirements to look attractive. But, is normal image capable of giving attractive look? The answer is simple, obviously not. Even the professional photographers unable to take perfect shot every time.

You need to remember this, “Time is money”. When you failed to take perfect shot, what do you do? Try to take another shot. But this is very boring to repeating shot. At the same time, it is time consuming too. Even you keep repeating shot taking one after another. It’s very tough to click a shot that doesn’t need anything. As I mentioned before, occupational photographer failed to do so. If you manage to cover all the basic things, at the end you will realize that the background is not perfect.

Background is a major factor of image. Especially when you are going to use photo for business purpose, you should not use the original background. Cause, normal background can divert viewer’s attention. Losing attention is not a pleasant fact in the business field. When customer keep concentrated on your object, a motive can came in their mind to buy it.

But are you thinking that how can I edit my photo? You can edit your photo both on computer and mobile devices. But for the best result you should edit photos on computer. There are lots of applications available for Photo Editing. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Skylum Luminar, Adobe Illustrator are some popular photo editor. But for using these apps you need to have some basic knowledge on photo editing. Allow me to inform you a basic concept of image editing.

Selection: For Photo editing you must need to have a proper knowledge on selection. Selection is a basic and authentic task for photo editing. Sometimes you want to edit the entire image, sometimes you want to edit the whole image, sometimes you want to edit specific portion. With making selection you can choose which area of image you want to change. You need to be very careful when you are making selection. IF you cannot make the selection perfectly, your image portion will mark as visible edges after completing editing task. So you have to be very cautious about it.

Layer: Layer is one of the most authentic factors for image editing. For editing image with perfection, you should have proper idea about layer. Layer is such a term that allows you combine a photo by providing isolating elements of a pictures. The main facility of using layer is you don’t need to do any damage to the main photo. Using layer gives you a massive flexibility. You have the option to edit in non-destructive way. So, this is concept should be clear to you.

Cropping Image: The next thing, you need to know is cropping Image. Cropping is an important concept to know for Photo Editing. You can call cropping as re-sizing. You can compose a new image by applying cropping technique. Moreover, Image resolution remains the same. At this point, it is better to use high resolution image as main image. Suppose you have captured a picture that contains two pet. But you want to separate those two pets. You can use cropping at that point. You can isolate to pets and make two separate photos with the help of cropping image.

Selective Color Change: This is an important and interesting feature to learn for photo editing. Do you want to change a specific color of your image? By applying selective color technique, you can change specific color of an image. Suppose that, someone has captured an image of yours. You liked the shot. But your hair not looking proper black in that, image another thing is ok. You can use selective color in this case. You can make black pure black, red pure red and white pure white as well as other colors too. Isn’t it great?

Saturation: If you take your image in low light, you should use saturation. Does your image look sallow? Looks like it has washed out? No need to take stress anymore. Saturation feature is available to help you. By increasing saturation number, you bring a fresh look in your photo. It can make image more color full. But be careful while applying it. Excess of anything is not good at all. Applying too much saturation can give a burn look. That can ruin your overall photo. So, keep the balance.

Color Balance: This is another important fact to mention. You may think this is similar to Saturation. But you are wrong dear. It’s related with color levels but saturation is related with exposure levels. When you see that your photographs your photo’s overall color tone is looking dull and not attractive, you can solve it with white balance feature. So, you just cannot avoid this feature in the field of photo editing.

Exposure and Contrast: Color balance, Saturation, Selective color change can help you change color level and overall looking. But without Exposure and contrast your photo always looks incomplete. For giving the final touch you must need to know about this feature. By applying this option, you can make your photo so bright as you want. At the same time, you can also make the image as dark as you want.

So that was some key factor about photo editing. You have to read about these points specifically and apply them in practically when you use photo editing process. Apply them according to your image need. But you should always remember that don’t try anything excess. Photo should be looked natural. Raw photo cannot fulfill your expectation. There is some gap remaining always. Try to fill those gaps by photo editing. Not anything else. Thanks for reading. Keep connected with us.

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