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Clipping USA, California is an offshore outsourcing company working as a clipping path service provider with many more different services. Also, we’re in an excellent service through the organization with good reputation nationally and internationally since 2015. We’re not only confident about our excellent service but we are also fast pace service. We’re amazing in our works, but we’re always fast transformation and reasonable rate. Moreover, we’re promised to provide the best quality services with the lower turnaround and attractive costs. Also, we guarantee the full satisfaction of our clients for Clipping Path, Photo Retouching, Photoshop Image Masking, Picture Restoration, and Image Editing Services. These are entirely from Complete Online Graphics Style Organizations.

Our Bulk Photo Editing Services

If you’re thinking about launching your own e-commerce website or making your images more glamorous and beautiful, photo editing and retouching process a large volume of images by yourself for your project, then Clipping USA, California has the right, effective, and most affordable solution for you, without even compromising with photo editing and retouching quality. In addition to these, we’re wide experienced for the photo editing and image manipulation services.

Clipping USA, California is a clipping path company has the following advantages:

  • Uncompressed Quality
  • Top-quality professionals
  • Economical service
  • Easy-to-order system
  • 24X7 hours customer support
  • Payment after job completion
  • Fast turnaround
  • Multiple-steps quality checking
  • Maximum types of photo treatment services
  • Bulk discount
  • Easy and Reliable services
  • A large amount of image processing capacity

Our Specialties

Clipping USA, California comes with the following specialties:

  • Clipping Path
  • Image Masking
  • Shadow Creating
  • Image Retouching
  • Image Manipulation
  • Color Adjustment
  • Illustration
  • Web Image Optimization
  • Creative Design

Clipping Path Services

Clipping path service California
Clipping path service California

Clipping USA has a special focus on the Clipping Path Services as a clipping path provider. As Adobe Photoshop Pen tool based image clipping service, it’s widely used to remove, change, modify, colorize or make a transparent background in an image. If you’re the owner of an e-commerce site or a professional photographer then clipping path services very much essential for you. On image clipping, hand-drawn paths need expertise, skills, and knowledge. In this case, our expert graphic designers maintain best clipping path service with clipping path at 1 to 2 pixels inside from the edge of the image. In addition to these, we are experienced in removing background for fashion, jewelry, model, real estate, and e-commerce product photographs for photo clipping service.

Ghost Mannequin Service (Neck Joint)

Clipping USA offers various image manipulation photo editing services. These include Ghost Mannequin or invisible mannequin or Neck joint. In this purpose, usually, two or three images are taken from the view of the front, back sleeps, inner shot etc. After that creating the final ghostly view while they are stitched with the outer image. Usually, neck joint service is very much useful to promote their garments products for the items like T-shirts, shirts, pants, sweaters, etc in e-commerce sites and garment industries.

Image Masking Services

In order to knock out the background of complex images, Photoshop image masking is used with path clipping techniques among others. And then it’s placed for advertisement displays in e-commerce website or catalogs. As a photo editing service, Photoshop masking is further useful when clipping path alone is not adequate on hair, fur, or semi-transparent or translucent images. The translucent images are including glasses, feathers, smoke, flames, highlights, lighting, chiffon, muslin, etc. Clipping USA experts are always ready to go through the image masking service and like to provide the best image masking.



Photoshop Color Correction Service

Clipping USA presents the excellent services of the Photoshop Color correction and color editing. This is because it’s one of the most popular and essential Photoshop-based photo editing services. Including model photography, fashion photography, natural photography etc, it’s applied to many more different types of photography.

Image Retouching Services

Depending on good exposure, you can get the perfect picture. But, while using retouching, the quality of the image can be enhanced. Moreover, damaged photos, torn images, faded or underexposed images are needed restoration or repair services. Clipping USA graphic designers make color and exposure correction, photo restoration, color filling, image cleaning and cloning, digital cosmetology and glamour retouching, photo enhancing etc under this service category.

Catalog Design Service

Photography Post Production Service

Clipping USA offers to provide the highest quality catalog production services. The offer comes with a pool of experienced and skilled graphic designers providing product catalog designs. These include jewelry, accessories, fashion, medicine, and variety of other products at an affordable cost.

The most vital parts of film making, video editing, and photography is photography post-production service. Usually, it requires loading the raw images into the post-production software for the first stage of post-processing. And the team of the Clipping USA is expertise to perform the tasks effectively.

Raster to Vector Conversion

Being based on mathematical formulas, vector graphics are made up of a series of small points, which are combined together to make lines and images. It is usually used to create line art, embroidery, and illustration. Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, and Corel Draw are the most recognized applications which handle vector-based graphics. Clipping USA has the proficiency to complete the tasks successfully.  We help to make creative graphics & CAD design option that needs the designer to manually replace vector drawing with various lines, border, rectangular, square, round-shaped, oval-shaped etc. Also, we deploy the extreme care and attention to do this task. What is more, our production unit works 24 hours; it means we can ensure you quicker turnaround time.

3D Modeling Service

Clipping USA also provides world-class 3D modeling service for any kind of projects along with various image manipulation and photo editing services. Among the 3D models, we offer electronic product modeling, real estate modeling, interior modeling, furniture modeling, household items modeling, etc.

Photoshop Shadow Service

Photoshop shadow service is performed to make an image original to see, which a reflection by the images in original is. Clipping USA takes the shadow in the path when we use Clipping Path to create a path around an image. After that, the Shadow Making Service is performed in order to smooth out the edges of the shadow. And depending on the requirements of the customer, we make the shadow bolder or light. This is the way to make the image to look more refined that helps to keep the natural look intact as well. Moreover, the image seems more realistic and natural look while applying the form of shadow creation and the shadow that is created on images, they lefts impression to the customers.

Image Restoration Services

Although digital images can be stored for several years in the form of soft copy, it’s not possible to store images in bromide or printed form. Since these images were printed on special paper coating on, there is a mixture of ink and chemicals. So, Clipping USA takes the entire responsibility to restore your images into the original-like look.

Advertising Design Service

The best instrument for promotion and brand recognition is Advertising Design without a doubt. As advertisement comes with a life of its own, it can’t serve all time purpose with a single one. When there are attractive images with advertisements, it makes more visual and acceptance to the consumers. That’s why Clipping USA graphics designing team is well-versed to make your advertising image eye-catching.

Video Editing Services

With full phase Hi-quality films, quickly and effortlessly through our video editing service, we’ll turn your video clips and personal recordings. What you have to do is just send your video clips to us because our professional video editors are waiting to make your clips hot pieces! Clipping USA team will take the proper care of your video by editing, organizing, fixing, adding effects, background music, caption and whatever you instruct to them.

Image Background Removing Services

With different clipping paths for removing unwanted background from the product images, Clipping USA is providing background removing service. This method makes your images not only more gorgeous but highly engaging as well. As a result, the service is taking by almost every modern business, including like e-commerce, photography, etc.

Why Should You Choose Clipping USA

  • We follow the unique style that you just give us the examples of what you need while doing photo enhancement.
  • Our dedicated retouchers are ready to make your all images retouched with expertise.
  • In case, you’re not happy with it, you can require changes to the result.
  • Before we send you the ready order, our photo retouching quality assurance is performed by a senior retoucher.
  • We never outsource your photos to somebody else because all your photos will be retouched inside our company by the team of professional photo editors and graphics designers.
  • When working with us, confidentiality is 100% guaranteed.
  • Without your prior permission, we never place your photos on our website or use them somehow for any purpose.
  • You can trust us portrait retouching as our photo retouchers are specialized in different photography genres.
  • We provide most image editing services in the affordable costs, but we don’t compromise with quality and we’re firmly determined to serve the top-notch quality services.


Clipping USA is one of the most innovative and thought-provoking photo editing services in the world. We are not only skill and experience but we also the capacity for creative thinking. Apart from these, we are able to handle bulk orders within deadlines. These are the reasons that you can knock us anytime as we’re available 24X7 bases.

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