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Clipping path is such a technique that many people are confused about. To be honest, everyone who is connected with photo should be familiar with this service. Do you also want to get familiar with this technique? All you need to do read this writing with concentration.You can learn about how to create Clipping Path in Photoshop.

After knowing this easily you will be able to separate any item from the background.

Clipping Path Photoshop
Clipping Path In Photoshop

A clipping path is an invisible line that guides how the computer’s graphics program (like Photoshop) should cut out or “clip” portions of an image. Clipping path Photoshop is an object isolation method used in graphics software to isolate an object from its background. Basically you are removing the background from your images. Clipping paths are frequently used to cut portions of an image out for resizing, re-coloring, etc.

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Let’s separate this guitar from its background and put it on a white background. The first step you have to take is creating path. For doing this pick pen tool from here-

Clipping Path In Photoshop 2

How to use Photoshop tool for clipping path

Photoshop pen tool is used for clipping path. With this tool a vector line is created and with that line you have to boundary the object that you are willing to make separate from the background. After choosing the areas properly click on the right button followed by pressing Make selection.

Important thing is, zoom in the picture deeply before you start making selection.

Clipping Path In Photoshop 3
Clipping Path In Photoshop 3

Start generating the path from the below side it gives little but convenience. May be there will be some inflect part in the object like this-

Clipping Path In Photoshop 4
Clipping Path In Photoshop 4

For this type of section put the anchor point in front of the bend. Then curve the line by moving the mouse. When your curved line cover the inflect part of the object, release the mouse and then proceed forward in the previous way.

Clipping Path In Photoshop 5

For area like these we should to deal with the similar procedure. If you don’t use curved line in these are you will not be able to get a decent output. This is the beauty of clipping path. One can select object of any shape in this method.

Clipping Path In Photoshop 6

After you cover outlining the object finish it into the opening point. After right clicking on the mouse this box will visible.

Clipping Path In Photoshop 7

How to create clipping path in Photoshop

Clipping path is one of the most used techniques in Photoshop as it is a primary image editing procedure. Editors use Photoshop pen tool to create it. After picking the tool from the editing panel start selecting the object with vector line. Then end up the selection from right at the starting point.

Later on, hit on this option and the outline you have created will start moving.

Clipping Path In Photoshop 8

Later on, mark the selection reverse as of this features.

Here, Set the background color from this option according to your preference, I am turning it into white.

Clipping Path In Photoshop 10

Then simple eliminate the background by pressing delete. See the final result,

Clipping Path In Photoshop 11

So, What be an easier way than that for Clipping Path in Photoshop? From now on, separating any item from the background is not a tough task anymore.

Clipping Path In Photoshop
Clipping Path In Photoshop

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