- How to make a clipping path in photoshop
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Every people who are related with Clipping Path should have a clear idea about it. But unfortunately most of us don’t have proper idea about it. That’s why they cannot extract the advantage from clipping path service.

But the good thing is you don’t have to be tensed about this. Cause, you are just at the perfect place. In this article, I am going to inform you all the essential information that you need to know about Clipping Path.

Why we are making delay then? Let’s get started immediately.

Why we are making delay then? Let’s get started immediately.

What is Clipping Path?

The first thing that you have to know is the definition. In cool words, clipping path is the method of making separation of any specific object. This operation is performed by making vector path around the object.

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The process of Creating Path

Now let me inform how you can create clipping path. To create clipping path you need to install Photo editing software. Adobe Photoshop is the recommended apps at this point.

The tool that is showing in the picture named as Pen tool. This is the tool that you have to use for creating path. With this tool create path by clicking on the Mouse. Then another click on different area will make a path.

How it Works

This is another effective section to learn. How it works? By creating vector path you are separating the object from the original background. After finishing the selection you have to click on make selection by clicking right button.

Permit me to show you with an Example.

Here I have created vector path with Photoshop pen tool. But it is not the proper way of making selection. Here the area is not locked yet. We have to ensure that the starting and the ending area have ended in a similar point like the picture in the below.

Now, the area is locked properly. You can separate this part from its background. Click on the right button of the mouse and hit on this option.

Have a look at the change in the line.

Now the area is locked properly. At this point, you can separate this part or remove rest of the background. Even you can place the selected portion in a new background. Making the background transparent is also possible.

That’s the working process of Clipping Path.

The process of Remove background Using Clipping Path

Applying the basic knowledge that you have gained in the previous section will allow you to remove background. For your convenience, here I am presenting a tutorial So that you can learn the process clearly.

Let’s remove the background of the Cup.

In the first step, zoom in it to get the details idea about the boundary line.

I am starting from the downside of the object. Start generating path with Pen tool around it.

But there is some space in the object where the background is still available. To select this part,click on here.

Then double click on the working path and save it by pressing enter. After this you have to select the remaining area.

Now, we are ready to go. Click on the right button of the mouse and pick this option.

The object will become selected in this way.

Then press CTRL+SHIFT+I to reverse the selection and press ok from the keyboard.

Then hit on the DELETE button and set the setting in this way.

After pressing ok the background will be eliminated.

Let’s compare each other.

Clipping Path Service

As clipping path is a time consuming task, it become impossible for photographers and online business owners to edit the photos. Clipping path service is the solution of this problem. You can choose a clipping Path Company and send your photos to it. It is an easy online process. You can afford this service from any place of the earth.
Hope you have got all of your answers based on Clipping Path. Thanks for being here. Take the service and grab the benefits.

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