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Attention is much needed when you are presenting something via image. The background is a matter of concern at this point. Sometimes, it becomes the reason for distracting audience attraction. Want to get rid of this? Clipping Path Service by Clipping USA is available for you. We will give your photo the look that your customer will be attracted to. Let me introduced you to Clipping Path service and why to choose us among the providers.

How to guide is also available to give you the knowledge of creating a Clipping Path. If you are linked with Online Business, Photography, Modeling, Catalogue design, Newspaper or Magazine this article can help you to do progress in your respective field.

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Clipping Path

Before telling you why to choose us, you ought to know what is Clipping Path. It is a basic process of photo editing. Clipping path is directly linked with some other photo editing services too. In this process, a vector path is created around a subject to separate it from the original background. After creating the path one can make a change on this specific part. There are various types of Clipping Path like Simple, Medium, Complex, Super Complex, etc.

Clipping Path Service

Clipping USA is offering Clipping Path Service at affordable price. As it is a time-consuming task one needs to put a well amount of time in order to perform Clipping Path. To save your time it is better to take clipping path service. Taking services from online will allow you some benefits. It allows you to stay concentrated on your respective job despite of consuming your time in photo editing.

Professional photo editors will take care of your photos. The process is simple. Ask for a quote and get quotes for your order. Submit your photo and get the delivery on time. Lots of Clipping Path Service Providers are available online. But you will not get a similar service from everyone. In the later part, I will inform you why you should choose us for all of your clipping path works. But before that, permit me to demonstrate who should take this service.

People Who need this service

Allow me to inform you who should afford this service. Clipping path in Photoshop used in various purposes. Especially, when you need to take the attention of the public towards an image, Clipping path is the straightforward way to go. So, in every image related area where concentration is much-needed clipping path comes into the action. To be more specific, it is must need for Online Business Product Photo, Catalogue design, photographer, print or embroidery, advertisement etc.

In these sectors, photo plays a key role. It is the deciding factor whether you are going to get conversion or not. In a recent survey, it is proved that online product sellers who use an appealing and attractive photo for their product get 3x more sells than others. The good thing about the Clipping path is along with removing the unexpected thing it also makes the product pleasant to see. Moreover, image clipping path services present the image in a white background that is mesmerizing to see.

Why Choose Us?

You may think that why should choose us. For your kind consideration let me inform you that we are leading the industry of Clipping Path for the past five years. Let me show you some key points that will give you some special benefits.

High Quality

When you are about to take service from any provider, quality is the first thing to take into account. Clipping USA is top-notch at this point. It never compromises with the quality what so ever. We perform Clipping Path in Photoshop by professional graphics designers. It delivers 100% manual works. It is a triple check process. After completing the primary job, the quality is checked by the 2nd step. In the 3rd step, it again gets checked by another professional photo editor. So, there is no scope of making any mistakes.

Reasonable Price

Price is another key factor in any kind of business deal. Our main motto is to satisfy Clients. Our production office is situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As it is a low labored country, we can serve our customers at a low price even with maintaining a professional quality. Our photo editing services start only from $0.25. Where you will find a better deal than that? This is not all. You will also get a special discount on bulk orders.

Turnaround Time

Along with quality and price, turnaround time is another important factor that you can’t afford to negotiate. In online business and photography, one needs to deal with massive number of photos daily. With a team of 135 professional graphics designers, CUSA can deliver up to 5000 image clipping work in a day. So, you don’t need to be worried about the turnaround time.

24/7 Services

Our team is ready for 24 hours to give you the best service. You can contact us anytime for any kind of query or service. Our customer support team is highly dedicated to provide the service that you are looking for. So, feel free to contact with us for any kind of query related to Photo clipping or other image editing. We respond quickly to every query.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranty

We give surety to satisfy every single client. In case, if you don’t feel happy with our service, you can ask for revision. We give unlimited revision option to make our clients happy. Our clients are always happy and satisfied with our services.

Hand-drawn Clipping Path

We deliver manual hand drawn Clipping Path Service in Photoshop. We never use any kind of automated technology what so ever. Our professional graphics designers proudly deliver the best service that is eye catchy and convince the audience.

Free Trial

We never hesitate to showcase our talent. To give you an idea about our talent and working quality we offer a free trial to our client. One can submit two of their photos to make a judgment on our quality.

Rush Delivery

Searching for rush delivery? Do you have an emergency need to clipping the image in a hurry? We can provide rush delivery too. Overall, we aim to furnish the best service to our clients. We are always focused on what our Customer needs. Then we put our effort to fulfill the needs. So, you will get the service that you want.

As I have mentioned at the starting that I am going to show you how-to guide about Clipping Path In Photoshop. Let’s dive into the guide.

Creating Clipping Path in Photoshop

In this how-to guide, I am going to give you a brief idea about creating Clipping path in Photoshop. Firstly, start with opening the picture. After this, you have to pick the pen tool from the list.

The pen tool is the best option for creating a path. Let know some information about this tool. It is a bit tricky to use. But once you master the art of using this tool, the rest of the editing work will be an easy task for you. For the hard edges, it gives the most accurate result. That’s why the experts prefer this tool to create a silhouette.

Afterward picking this tool start generating a path around the object.

The smart thing is to start generating the path from the below side. It makes the thing a bit easier. When you are selecting the curved portion you have to be tricky. Press and hold the mouse to make the line curved. Then approach forward following the boundary line of the subject.

If your silhouette line goes outside of the subject you can fix it along with press and hold CTRL. To change the direction of the line you can press ALT, then change it to your desired location with the mouse.

After the completion of the path creating, save the path from this section.

Double click on the path. Later on, you will find a box to rename and save it. In the next step, press on the thumbnail along with the CTRL to make a selection.

After making the selection, press SHIFT+I to make it inverse. Then you can press delete to eliminate the background.


That is the basic procedure of Clipping Path. Hope you have understood the basic of it.

You can choose us without any hesitation for any kind of image editing needs.


How do you create a clipping path?

Photoshop pen tool is used to create a clipping path. An outline is created around the object to isolate it from the original background.

What is image clipping path?

Image clipping path is an image editing technique. This technique is used for eliminating a subject from the background.

How do you create a clipping mask in Photoshop?

To create the Clipping Mask, you at least need to have two layers. Set your mouse on the middle line of layers and then press the left button.

What is background removal service?

It denotes the service of removing background from the photo.Basically, the service providers use Photoshop to remove the background from an image.

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